Welcome to Orlando! Feb 12th - Feb 15th, 2013

So we left Tallahassee this morning under gray, gloomy skies, which turned to rain while we were hooking Smartie to Tergel (oh well).  The rain lasted for maybe 30 miles, became overcast, and by the time we turned off I-75 toward Orlando, blue skies with puffy white clouds prevailed - as in the photo below.  What we were NOT expecting was a high temperature of 87 degrees (plus humidity!).  That's plain ol' HOT in my book.

We certainly have run the gamut of temps on our winter travels - from 19 in NM to today's broiler.  Needless to say, it only took a minute to change from jeans and long-sleeved shirts to shorts and tee's.  As soon as we set up camp in Orange Grove C/G this afternoon, we hopped in Smartie, heading straight for Hollywood Studios in Disney World.  This campground is a bit further away from Disney World than the huge park we've stayed in before, but they were full, which is amazing this time of year.  However, this C/G will do us just fine.

Tomorrow is forecast to be more of the same, possibly cloudier and windy (the latter two suits me) and a chance of rain.  We plan to spend the whole day at EPCOT.  Or at least till my feet fall off.  Looking forward to it (EPCOT, not my feet falling off)!

Entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Fantasia!  The parking lot seemed full, but the Park wasn't crowded.

 One of the attractions we hit was the Studio Backlot Tour and the next sequence of pics gives you a hint of what it's about.  Fun "ride."  Here you see a set that's about to experience a big problem.

 Uh-oh!  Explosions!  Fires!

Release the water to put out the fire!

 Watch it!  Don't sit too close on that side of the tram or you'll get a wet seat!  This, of course, is all staged, but pretty darned realistic.

 After riding a new very exciting Star Tours ride, we walked the Streets of San Fransisco :).

 Here's Mickey!

We left Hollywood Studios at sundown, as we wanted to get in before dark and, besides, we were hungry.  We enjoyed this beautiful sunset on the way "home."

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  1. oh, I want to goooooo! I didn't get to Disney World when I took Jeremy (the grandson not the cat) to Epcot.


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