Old Home Week(day)! Monday, 4/29/13

We read each other's blogs, comment on each other's pictures.  Sometimes it feels like we've known each other for years, which is wild and crazy since we've never met in person.  Sometimes an opportunity arises that lets us meet.  When Sue and Mo, fellow Bloggers and RVer's from Rocky Point, OR, drove their MoHo to NorCal on their way south to the desert, we wanted to get together.  Sue and Mo already knew Laurie and Odel (who now live in Placerville CA), and so did we, thanx again to Blogging and RV'ing,  A meet-up for the six of us at our house in Nevada City was arranged for Monday.  Plus Abby, Sue and Mo's heeler/cocker mix, a calm, sweet dog.

And just as we supposed, our new friends became fast friends.  The six of us sat in the living room and shared histories, stories, where we've been, how we got there, comparing notes on great RV parks, and other anecdotes, and so on, and you can bet we laughed a lot.  Laughter is good for the soul and the digestion, too.  After visiting for an hour or so, inc. a tour of our digs and a thorough look-see at our yard "improvements," what else would RVer's want to do?  Pick a fine restaurant for lunch!  Lefty's Grill in Nevada City was chosen, where we could sit creek-side on the patio almost on top of Deer Creek -- a beautiful setting.  On such a picture-perfect afternoon, it was a great choice.  Everybody ordered something different, and I think everyone enjoyed their lunch.  I had a pizza with dried apricots, pork bellies and spinach on it.  Quite yummy, actually.  I don't believe I'd ever made the acquaintance of a pork belly before!

Here we are!  L to R, back row:  Mo, Sue, Odel.  Front row:  Laurie, me, and Jimmy, taken @ Lefty's Grill, after lunch.  We all look happy, don't we?  What a good time we had.

Abby came in, cased the joint and plunked down on the rug.  She sure looks comfy!  I had to wait till she closed her eyes to get a picture.  Whenever she saw the camera aimed at her, she'd avert her face!

After lunch, Laurie and Odel had to leave us, so Sue, Mo, Jimmy and me (and Abby) walked historic downtown Nevada City.  Sue took pictures of the older buildings, all of us admiring the few Grand Dame homes close to downtown, as well as the gorgeous spring flowers.  We looked in shop windows, then looked in the shops, and by the time the parking meters (two hours for one quarter) expired, we were ready to quit.  With hugs all 'round, we parted company -- they to continue their journey to the desert, and us to our happy Nevada City home.  Thanx for the muy bueno visit everybody.  Come back soon!

 This azalea is blooming in our front yard.  Luckily deer don't like to eat azaleas.

 Another view of the same azalea... red AND white on one plant!

Our ant farm.  How many ants can you count?  Fire ants and other biting ants are not allowed.  In fact only hand-picked ants can join the farm.  Wait, is the ant on the right pushing a wagon laden with gold?  Oooh...! 


  1. That is really a nice picture of the six of you. What great fun it must have been!

  2. Ah, the sweetness of life and good friends!


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