Oh yeah, we bees jammin' in Nevada City! 5-15-13

On Wednesday afternoon, I "did" just two rows of strawberries, that is to say, I walked between two rows of berries (out of maybe 30) and picked what you see in the bowl below - five pounds worth!  Time was of the essence as rain was forecast for Thursday, so as soon the farm folks gave me the okay to come on ahead, I put on my "farmer shoes" and made straight for the berry field.  Rain can spoil strawberries, doncha know.

Beautiful sweet berries.

Three pints of our favorite strawberry jam (plus the little squirt), and another four cups of eatin' strawberries.  Life is good!


  1. You can't beat sweet fresh strawberries. Strawberry jam is my favorite too!

  2. those look great! not freezer jam? you got a recipe? Of course it will be another month before we get strawberries, but they are coming along at the Grants Pass cottage so I'll be looking for them soon. I love strawberries

  3. I love our "hoodies" here in Oregon. They don't last very long, but oh so good.

  4. I didn't have you on my "blog radar," but NOW I do. Roxi is visiting me in Las Cruces. Come visit at: http://www.desertdiva.net :-)


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