Smile for the birdie! Saturday, 5/25

What began as a simple trip to the Saturday morning Grower's Mkt (which opens at 8 am) in Grass Valley CA took us all morning.  The Fairgrounds are a short hop from the Mkt, and provide a quiet walking path amongst the trees.  Parking is free and the gate is always open for walkers and runners.  Today held an added bonus to our walk - the 16th Annual Cal-ILA Llama Show.  Naturally we had to check out all the animals, touch the fiber, and look at the handmade fiber items for sale.  Can't tell you how long we spent there, but after finishing up at both hardware and grocery stores, it was lunchtime!  Who cares?  We're retired!

It was a grand morning!

These llamas!  "Llamas, a camelid originally bred as pack animals by pre-Hispanic Andean cultures endemic to South America, are incredibly intelligent creatures."  That quote is from our newspaper.  You'd think they'd all appear about the same, kinda hairy or woolly, yes?  Absolutely not.  Interesting to see the varieties, colors, types of fiber and so on.  I'm not sure if one of the judging categories was "prettiest llama," but we did see some pretty critters...

... but not this one!  Smile... hey, what're you laughin' at?

 Jimmy tho't this spotted llama looked more like a giraffe.

Look at the long, thick fiber on this very fancy "beast of burden."

BFF:  Best Friends Forever.

I'm sorry - this guy just makes me laugh!  Look at those ears.  That face!  He's GRINNING! Hahahahaa
Would this be considered the opposite of a Mohawk?

Nevada County Fairgrounds are spacious and gorgeous.  This green-space is where the midway is located during the fair held in August every year.

The boxes next to the wide walkway have just been planted with marigolds, so the flowers will be in full bloom by fair time in August.  Walkway leads to the food "court."  Animal barns and show areas are off to the right and back of this picture.  We asked several llama farmers if they sold llama poop for compost.  None did.  Heck, they'd never run out of product.  Think I'll visit a nearby llama farm and see if I can get the local poop on it.

And the fairgrounds is landscaped beautifully.

Like I said, a nice place for a walk.  But it sure is easy to get side-tracked!


  1. The opposite of a Mohawk?? Ha Ha. Funny!

  2. I really really want to be there someday for the llama show. Such interesting creatures! (do they really spit?) :)

  3. What pretty fairgrounds. I read once that llamas get very embarrassed if they are fully sheared, and hang their heads and don't socialize well. Such sweet eyes they have. Hope your travels are going well, of course I don't expect to hear from you for awhile now! Travel Safe.


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