Always something going on around these parts - June 23, 2013

Here's a conglomeration of pictures from the last two days in Livingston, MT.  Most folks know about the "supermoon" on June 23rd.  Here's my van Gogh impression of that big full moon, and I was two days early!  Possibly I'll get a better picture this evening.  Even early, the moon glowing thru the clouds was quite a sight.

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Because Saturday's weather was on again/off again showers/sun, we decided to take Smartie and go off south in Paradise Canyon.  We wanted to check to see if our favorite hiking area - Pine Creek Falls trail - had been burned to a crisp in last year's wildfire.  We saw blackened areas all around that area, but it looks like the hiking area may have been spared.  We made forays into other creek & canyon areas and ended up at Chico Hot Springs for an espresso (actually a latte).  The hot springs pools open every morning at 8 am.  One of these mornings we will be there!  We poked around on our way back to the RV Park and found a couple more easy-access fishing sites.  So we did well on our reconnaissance this day.

Awww, ain't they cute?  (On our way to Pine Creek)

This baby robin at Chico looked at me as if to say, "have you seen my mother?"  It was standing at my feet, and when I told him, "I'm not your Mom," it eventually walked away!

And then there was this little adventure today.  Jimmy and I walked on the bike trail to Carter's Bridge (upriver a mile or more).  We were surprised to see cars lined up to cross the bridge and police cars.  Short version - a film crew had a portion of East River Road intermittently closed so they could film their new Chevy Silverado truck commercials.  Fun to watch all the goings-on.  We stood and visited with the Trooper (above right) for a long time.  He was just as fascinated as we were by the process.  In this picture the red Chevy truck is followed by the film vehicle with the big boom attached.

Here the truck takes off, followed by the film vehicle.

When we tired of Chevy trucks, we headed back.  Crossing the bridge, we spied this fishing guide boat in the water below and the woman in the back of the boat was in the process of pulling in a trout (which they threw back).

So NOW it was our turn to catch trout!  This is Jimmy's #1 catch.  It went into the fridge, awaiting a companion to keep it company on the grill.  (I caught a nice one, too, but it broke the line and I lost it.  Phooey)

Late afternoon the Red-breasted Merganser headed downriver with her brood.  We see her every day and usually one or more of the kids hops on her back for a free ride.  I counted seven little cuties!.

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  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    The beauty of where you are is stupendous. The picture of the moon is great! KM


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