Glitches, Adventures, and Misadventures - June 16/17/18

Plans get altered.  One thing we've learned about traveling is that anything can happen and it sure helps to be flexible!  Since we didn't have a definitive itinerary on our way to Livingston MT, we could change where/when we went and/or speed up getting to Rock Canyon RV Park.

We'd been to the old gold mining town of Bannack in SW Montana a few years ago and liked it.  We were there in autumn and had the St Pk C/G to ourselves - that was nice (no hookups, tho).  This year we had some company, but the C/G had available spaces, so we moved in for two nites.  Sunday, on our way to Bannack, we topped two 7,000'+ passes.  No problem, right?  I got in bed around 10 pm, gazing out the window, and by 10:30 we were snoring softly.  At Midnite, I woke up and mumbled to Jimmy, "I'm losing air."  And by the time I rolled out of my burrow around 6 or 6:30, lying on my side of the Sleep Number bed was like lying on a picnic table.  Jimmy, lying next to me, was about a half-foot higher!  So, 7,000'+ elevation blows a hole in the bed's air bladder - on my side - phooey.  Well, we got around it the next night by letting the air out of Jimmy side, too, and just slept on the memory foam - not altogether satisfactory, hard on the joints.  We had to drive into Dillon (where we could get a cell phone signal) to call Sleep Number and have them 2-day ship us a new air bladder - but, where to ship it?  That's where being flexible comes in - we could be in Livingston in two days.  Especially if it meant not sleeping on top of a picnic table!

Meanwhile, Smartie, that rascal - decided not to start the morning we went to Dillon.  I don't think its hiccups have anything to do with 7,000' passes, but it passed some gaseous pops, and then Jimmy sweet-talked her into going.  So, in Dillon, we had more calls to make - finding a fix-it shop for Smartie.  When it rains, it pours.  Fact is, we had a lot to do in Dillon.  So, watcha gonna do, sit around and worry?  Nah, when we got home, we stomped around the ghost town that used to be Bannack.  Nice because most of the bldgs are open.

Doc Ryburn's house was furnished in period pieces (not including Jimmy).

At 3 pm, the rangers held a gold panning demo and everybody had a chance to find a nugget (or a minuscule dot), and that was fun.


Grasshopper Creek, where GOLD was found in 1862.  Sure looks different today.  (Lots of skeeters!)

Thanx for the warning!

Yup, you're right!

 One of a pair of Mountain Bluebirds.

In our small C/G, with some kind of locust trees, we found a lot of bird diversity.  Wrens had a nest outside our dinette window and a Northern Flicker had a nest hole in one of those trees near our door.  It mewed like a kitten when it approached the nest hole!  This blob on the branch above is a Common Nighthawk and we spotted a bunch of them - never saw one before.  They look different in the air - they're sleek!  Bullock's oriole and Cedar Waxwing and Red-naped Sapsucker, noisy magpies, Olive-sided flycatcher, Sage thrasher, and even two Sandhill Cranes hiding in the brush near the creek, and many more.  If I went out early when the temp was still cool (cold?), I could go out with my binocs and not get engulfed by skeeters!  At least we don't have ticks to contend with in these parts.

The good news is that while sitting at the picnic table of one of our delightful neighbors, we didn't get bit by the horde of mosquitoes that flew at us when we walked out our front door.  Below is the reason why.  They had one of these gizmos on their table and not one insect!  While we were in Dillon, we picked up one, so WE ARE READY!

After Bannack, Tuesday morning we made for Countryside RV Park, above - with full hookups - not far from Dillon so we could take care of more business (bidness, as they say).  We needed haircuts and nice, long showers and pedicures and manicures and we had dirty clothes to wash!  Their Internet connection was so fast that we were finally able to download all the North American maps into our Nuvi (navigation) device. We'd had a problem with the durn thing since leaving California.  When we got to Oregon, it wanted us to turn around.  And it sure didn't recognize Washington, Idaho or Montana as being in the USA!  We bought a new chip in John Day that would enable us to get all North America installed, but had no connection fast enough.  Tuesday evening, we took care of it and Wednesday (today), when we plugged 'er in to get to Livingston MT, it knew where we wanted to go!  Hallelujah!

Double hallelujah - our new Sleep Number air bladder was waiting for us at Rock Canyon.  Life is Good!


  1. Hi there. Where did you get your mosquito zapper? Boy, reading your blog you would qualify for the saying "if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all"
    Glad you are sleeping on air again.

    1. We tried Ace Hardware, but they were out. Any hardware store should carry them.

      Hey, a little rain falls into everyone's life now and then!

  2. Now if they only made one of those gizmos for ticks!


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