Happy First Full Day of Summer 2013 -- in Big Sky Country!

We landed here on Wednesday and pulled into a site at the edge of Yellowstone River.  We're here earlier than we expected, but that's okay, this is a great place to spend a month or two.  And so we will.  Weather has been iffy since we arrived - not conducive to catching trout, but this too shall pass, and we'll soon be reeling 'em in!  Don't worry, I'll be sure to post pictures of those trout.

The Yellowstone River has changed course since our last visit two years ago; the main channel is now against the far cliff, but we see trout jumping in the water smack dab in front of Tergel.  In fact, our dinette window has a perfect view.  This ever-changing river is full of "S" curves, sharp turns left or right and back again.  As soon as skies clear and the temps warm a bit, we'll pop our Sea Eagle tandem inflatable kayak in the water and mosey on down the river.

Jimmy and I kinda like this view of the Yellowstone River and Absaroka Mtns -- from our dinette window.

Here's where we be for a while.

Tergel and Smartie perched at river's edge, oh yeah!  The cliff behind us is on the other side of the river.

This pile of sticks is a domed Black-billed Magpie's nest, a few steps away from our campsite.  If you enlarge the pic, you can see Mom 'n Pop Magpie in the tree.

I took this photo early this morning, watching the White Pelican floating downstream in the current.  An island has formed in the curve and the main channel is now to the left, out of the picture.  The top of our picnic table is seen lower right.

We've spent the past couple of days visiting with friends who've already arrived at the RV Park, cleaning up Tergel, and just plain ol' relaxing.  Yes, I said relaxing.  It's wonderful.


  1. Yabba Dabba Do! These views look drool cool. What's the temps like? Ya gotta worry about bear, there?

    1. Been coolish and very windy, but a definite warm-up is forecast for this week. No bears, unless you're out on a hiking trail. Did spot a nice buck in the yard yesterday... with velvety antlers.


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