Hello? Lassen Nat'l Volcanic Park -- welcome! Saturday 6/1

We hadn’t planned on visiting Lassen Nat’l Volcanic Pk.  Plans change!  After biking yesterday, we decided a hike today in Lassen might be fun.  I packed a picnic lunch and off we went to the SW corner of the Park.  A stop at Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center (6,700’) gave us info on trails, and that’s as far as we could go by car due to road construction.  The Park road is closed to through traffic.  If we wanted to see the Sulphur Works, however, pedestrians could walk a mile up the park road and from there access the Ridge Lakes Trail for a look-see. All righty!  Sulphur Works:  A foul odor of rotten eggs and gurgling, boiling mudpots and clouds of steam rising!  Nice walk.  Back down to the car and a picnic.

Walking on the road toward the Sulphur Works, looking at how pretty it is.

I warmed up early and shed my jacket.  Jimmy did later on.

On the Ridge Lakes Trail to see the Sulphur Works.  We could smell it from here.

A red warning sign to stay on the path!  The yellow tape is for the road construction.  Those mud pots were bubbling - boiling!

After lunch we decided to hike the Mill Creek Falls Trail, reached from behind the VC.  This is a rolling, moderately strenuous 3.2 mile R/T path thru a wonderful red fir forest.  The path follows Mill Creek as it gradually descends to an overlook of the 75’ thunderous falls – highest falls in the park – and two bridges across East Sulphur Creek.  One very beautiful hike.

Jimmy in his green shirt is hardly visible in the fir forest!  I inserted a red arrow so you wouldn't miss him.

At the falls - wow!

Indian paint brush blooming where the sun shines only right at the falls.

See the two bridges?  You can't see the entire 75' drop, but I sure wish you could've heard it.  Hoy!

Jimmy testing the water temp after crossing both bridges.  Cool, clear water....

My feet were so hot after tromping up and down the trail, so I took care of that problem.  Ahhhh...

The hills are alive with the sound of music -- where is Julie Andrews when you need her?  Yellow-flowering Arrowleaf balsamroot and Mule Ears put on a real show covering the hillside in this spot.

Jimmy at the Mill Creek bridge nearing the end of the hike (red arrow again).

When we got home to Tergel, we could feel every one of the 5+ miles hiking at 6,700’- whew!  We felt kinda whupped. 

One of the things I like best about traveling in our motor home is being able to go Out and About all day – biking, kayaking, hiking, or fishing – and have a warm shower, a soft bed, and dinner ready to eat when we get “home.”  Like today.  Before setting out on a trip, I cram our small freezer with healthy homemade meals, easy to heat up by stove or microwave.  Sometimes I fill the crockpot in the morning, which yields a tender dinner in the evening.  Our solar panels give us plenty of wiggle room to boondock for a pretty fair spell, too.  Showers, even really quick ones, sure feel super after a long hike.  And the bed?  Well, that’s just plain good livin’ while we travel!  And these creature comforts in cold or crummy weather can’t be beat in our estimation!  Especially if you’re in a motor home for months at a time.

Our short RV length allows us to go where the big dogs can’t, as in state and national parks.  There we can camp in the woods or seashore (and not be cheek-by-jowl with our neighbors), where we sit happily with tall trees or streams close, listening only to nature’s sounds.  Love it!
But the best news is Manzanita C/G at the Park’s NW corner is open and has sites available.  So, tomorrow we’ll move from our Chester RV Park to Manzanita, even tho we have to go all the way around the Park to get there!


  1. What is it about putting our feet in the nice cool water? I do it every chance I get, too! Ahhh!

  2. Looks like a truly beautiful day. We hiked the Bumpass Hell trail in Lassen NP a few years ago and loved it as well. Never have camped there, but might have to try it. By now you are off somewhere else magical, and I can't wait to see where!


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