Just another day in Paradise! Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I think the picture below resembles a Jurassic Park scenario, minus the unknown fly fisherman in the Yellowstone River.  Today was an interesting weather day, a bit of sun, a splash of rain, and a rainbow... and then repeat this process six or seven times.  The fishing may not have been much; the fish weren't biting.  The real star today was the sky. 

After the dinner hour, the rocky bank below the RV park was lined with fishermen.  Jimmy, in the orange shirt, was standing below Tergel.

This time we were treated to a double rainbow, but the camera only picked up a mirror image.

After nine pm, while I was importing the first three pictures, I looked out the west-facing window.  Wow.  Another picture. 

And then, when I was set to publish this post, Jimmy exclaimed, "look at the sky now!"  This beauty covered half the sky.  On went my shoes and out the door I went one more time for one last photo.  And it really did look like this - I didn't retouch the picture.  You can understand why we love this area.  It is beautiful.


  1. Wow. Love that first photo where the sun is shining on the distant mountains. Glad you are enjoying Living in the Stoney area. Now I see where they get the name of the town.

  2. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Gorgeous pictures! Thanks Nickie. Been wondering how you guys are doing. You have way too much fun, ya know! Mary

  3. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Geez, the photos on your blog are beee-a-u-ti-ful! Looks like a wonderful place to be. You guys are so lucky! I know you are enjoying it!

  4. Spectacular photos. Frame worthy.


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