Manzanita Lake - what a beauty! Sunday, 6/2/13

I bet everybody in this country over the age of 10 knows about the stupendous Mt St Helens 1980 volcanic eruption.  I wonder how many know about Mt Lassen’s 1915 eruption.  We didn’t… but we sure learned a lot about it.  Almost 100 years ago, Mt Lassen erupted in almost the same way, on a smaller scale, and a man named B.F. Loomis was there with his trusty camera to capture the violence on film.

Lassen Nat’l Volcanic Park in Northern California is a wonder!  Manzanita (“Little Apple” in Spanish) Lake C/G in the NW corner of the Park is large and nearly empty this time of year.  Most nat’l parks don’t offer hookups, even so this is a lovely, quiet place to spend a few days, or more.  The area is lower in elevation:  a shade under 6,000’.  Because of Park road construction, we couldn’t simply drive thru the Park to get here from the SW entrance; we had to drive around on Hwy 44.  From this NW entrance, we can, however, drive 24 miles south thru the Park and explore its diversity.

Our bodies told us to take it easier today!  Manzanita Lake is an easy, mostly flat trail that wraps around the entire lake, a distance of less than 2 miles.  OK, can do!  The views of Lassen Peak and Chaos Crags were superb, and we watched fly fishermen, kayakers and a canoeist enjoy the beautiful lake.  Those fishermen were pulling in the trout, too!  Looked like fun (catch and release only).  Canada geese, a pair of Bufflehead ducks, and a family of Mallards floated along.  Always, we could hear the tiny tin horn call of the red-breasted nuthatch. We didn’t hike; we ambled, appreciating the overall scenic beauty.  Just what “the doctor ordered!”

Manzanita in bloom.

We love camping in the woods, but we don't have phone or internet service, so these posts are a little behind.  More on Mt Lassen tomorrow.


  1. No internet!

    *falls over dramatically*

    Okay, it's very pretty. Carry on.

    1. Hey Roxanne -- you been there, done that? :)


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