Adios -- much too soon! Sunday 7/14/13

This will be a hodge-podge of images on tonite's post, all taken in the last couple of days.  We've been busy, as usual, and enjoying each day.  Lucky us to be in the place we want to be.  We're grateful, I guarantee.

 Early one morning, Jimmy is waiting patiently for a fish to jump on his line, while Nannie scans the cliffs for falcons.

Rock Canyon RV park is well stocked with the tiniest bunnies we've ever seen, and this tiny bunny is even tinier, 'cause it's a baby tiny bunny.  Right outside our door.  Very cute, too!

 On Saturday, Nannie & Bubba, me and Jimmy visited two local Livingston museums:  The Livingston Depot, built in 1902 after two predecessors, is a beautiful restored rail station that houses a railroad museum. The Yellowstone Gateway Museum documents regional history from one of the oldest North American archaeological sites to Wild Western and Yellowstone history. This caboose was really neat; the insides looking like the train guys just left!

 We liked this sign seen in the above caboose.  Ain't it the truth?

 Jimmy cannot compete with the prehistoric bison horns above his head.  Wow!

Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
Yes, we do.
Better let him out!!
hahahaha - sorry, it's an old one, and I had to do it.

 The train museum is full of memorabilia from when Livingston became the original gateway to Yellowstone National Park, which the Northern Pacific Railway began promoting heavily to visitors from the East, by way of a branch running some sixty miles south to Gardiner.

Sunday morning, the Bullet is preparing to leave Tergel's side, on its way to Canada.  Good for Nannie & Bubba, but we'll miss them, for sure!  Tergel stays put for another week.

Nannie and me on the bank of the Yellowstone before they head on out toward Banff.  BFF sisters!

 Sunday evening, the river is like glass, as Jimmy throws a line in the water, hoping a trout will take the bait.

But, wait!  Here's someone else catching trout!  I caught this big ol' river otter pussy-footin' along on the rocks, like a fish out of water.  We know there are babies (we've seen several).  We've also seen a family of mink (yes, mink, really!), but I don't have a photo of them yet.  No wonder the fishing is lousy this year!


  1. PA used to smoke good in a Jimmy Pipe.

    1. Cool, dude! At first I read it as Pa (our Pa) used to smoke ... till I looked at the site you sent. Prince Albert! Jimmy Pipe - huh!


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