Buffalo Bill CENTER of the West -- Wed/Thurs, 7/24-7/25

We're on our way home to Nevada City, CA, but we're taking a circuitous route, as usual.  From Billings, we traveled south to Cody, Wyoming -- mainly to visit this museum.  A few years ago we traveled thru Cody on our way to Livingston MT, but didn't stop, and we vowed to come back.  Here we are!

Buffalo Bill Center is actually five museums in one building, spaced like spokes on a wheel from the center hub.  My favorite was the Draper Natural History Museum, featuring humans and nature in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.  I can still hear the howling of wolves that echoed throughout. Next up was the Buffalo Bill Museum:  the life and legend of Buffalo Bill Cody, and he was a real showman.  Plains Indian Museum with culture and art of yesterday and today, and the Whitney Western Art Museum were outstanding.  I didn't go in the Cody Firearms Museum (not interested), but Jimmy did.  I took quite a few pictures, but taking photos of art usually doesn't work too well.  At least not for me.  They're too big!!

 Nice sunny day to visit the Center of the West.  Here are Jimmy and Buffalo Bill.

 Kind of amusing juxtaposition.

Bronze statues - large and small - were a highlight, especially the Remington's.

Yikes! A grizzly fixin' to attack a wolverine who's killed a marmot (go ahead:  make my day!).  Lifelike and very well done.

 What a good sport.  Giddy-up!

 Always be careful where you stand.

 Bear Claw Necklace with otter fur, glass beads and ribbon:  This is a symbol of power to be worn by a respected leader.  The claws represent the bear's strength and courage, while the otter fur signifies power over land and water.  The bear claws are enormous.  Beautiful piece.

An Absaroke (Crow) Eagle Hat (Northern Plans 1870).  Made with an eagle head and feathers, buffalo hide and hair, brass bells and buttons.  Can you imagine wearing this?

 I loved this small statue:  Star Blanket.  Ute/Dineh (Southern Ute/Navajo), fashioned in alabaster in 1996 by Oreland C. Joe.

When the free Gunfight Melodrama by the Irma Hotel was over about 6:30ish, we eyed the sky, but continued walking along Sheridan Ave.  Didn't take too long before black skies brought lightning, thunder and a downpour.  Nice that stores have large awnings!

Jimmy and I enjoy going to museums and this is one of the finest we've been in.  I believe it has Smithsonian affiliations. And, a Greater Yellowstone Raptor Experience is held daily at 11:30.  Obviously we didn't want to miss that.  We got to meet Teasdale, the Great Horned Owl, Kateri the Golden Eagle, Isham, a Red-tailed hawk, Hayabusa, a Peregrine Falcon, and (last but not least) Suli the turkey vulture. 


Kateri, with her handler (and wearing a mask).  She's new and he had to ease on up to her.

Hayabusa was a crowd favorite, especially when she gobbled a chick, almost beating a kid eating an orange.  It was a contest and the kid won, but the falcon doesn't let many contestants win....

YUM!  Feet and all - hoy!

Folks in the Visitor Center recommend 4 hours minimum to spend at the museum.  Jimmy and I spent more than that over two days!  And we could go back again and enjoy it just as much.   RECOMMEND!

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