Day Two @ Cody - a walk along the Shoshone River - Thurs, 7/25/13

(Our 2nd post from Cody - see previous post, also)

But first... and this is a first for us... while camped at the very nice Ponderosa RV Park in Cody, we spotted the same RV set-up as ours:  a Vista with a Smart car tow vehicle!!  Their Vista is a year newer and their Smart car is red (sans flames, like ours).  People from Quebec!  In all our travels, we've never seen the combination before, so I took their picture.  Jimmy is at left in the photo below.

Pretty cool.

I hate to admit it, but we didn't even know the Shoshone River ran thru Cody.  This is another blue-ribbon trout river.  Lots of rafting, too.  We could hear the excited screams from the rafters when they hit white water!

Wyoming's natural beauty.  Thanx for the Shoshone Riverway scenic 1.3 mile nature trail which starts high on a bluff and winds down to the river's edge.

The river is swift!  Benches beg to be used.

 Some don't.

 You know there is a wealth of geological information in cliffs like these.  So interesting to look at.

 Shoshone River is in the canyon where the tall green trees are.  Three horseback riders are crossing the nature trail (enlarge picture).  This river originates in the Absaroka Range in Shoshone Nat'l Forest.  Some people pronounce Shoshone with no long e, some people say sho-sho-nee.

Far above the water, all I said was, "Here fishie-fishie-fishie."  Bingo!  Both fishermen had trout on their lines!  Must be magic words!  It worked for Jimmy, too!

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