Happy Independence Day! July 4th, 2013

Noises woke me at the crack of dawn, somewhere around 5 am.  It was full light, but the sun hadn't cracked the eastern ridge.  The travel trailer next to us was fixin' to leave and the people were making all kinds of noise.  I couldn't go back to sleep, so I said to Jimmy, "I think I'll hop on my NEW bike and go for a ride while it's cool."  He replied, smiling, "Have at it."  So I did.  The temp at 5:30ish was 60-62, perfect for a ride, esp since today's forecast called for 90 degree temps.  When I returned an hour or so later, Jimmy was drinking coffee, enjoying the morning solitude!  I enjoyed my solo time on the road, with virtually no traffic and no noise, except chattering magpies and noisy ravens.  

I've always been intrigued by this large cave in the distant rock outcrop, seen from East River Road, wondering what animal might live in it, or if people hike to it.  You can barely make out a trail in the grass to the left of the cave.  This is private property, so I remain intrigued but no wiser....

I think my bike tires startled this handsome young buck. It was ready to bolt, but remained at attention.
I KNOW my bike tires startled this white horse, 'cause it kicked up its heels and took off for the back of the barn!  I stopped to "talk" to it and it slowly peeked around the corner.  When I tried to get closer, it retreated again, almost like its mom told it not to talk to strangers, esp early in the morning!

Rock Canyon RV Park was hosting a Fourth celebration at 1 pm, and every guest in the park was invited to attend.  Thank you, Kim & John and Punky!  Most of us brought a dish to go along with the Mexican food theme.  Desserts were needed, too, so I made brownies when I returned from my bike ride.  See how festive the community bldg looks!

Picnic tables all set up for lunch under the trees.  Jimmy, Danny & Fred, along with Donna & Robbie chatting.

Jimmy (!!), Donna, Robbie, and Fred - ready for the call to fill your plates!

Me, Donna and Robbie.

Wow!  We had all kinds of delish eats, plus a few yummy desserts.  Uh-oh, looks like one of the brownies is already missing, Jimmy....

Everyone enjoyed a large lunch, and when Jimmy and I got back to Tergel, our Sleep Number bed looked so comfy, we just had to fall in it .  When we "came to," we decided to drive into town to check out Livingston's Art in the Park.  By this time, the afternoon heat was on max, so we made a fairly quick pass and came on home.  Got out the bird scope to spy on the Peregrine falcon family visible on the western ridge from the RV park.  That's when dark clouds moved in.  We could see movement up on the cliff face where the nest is (four chicks), but couldn't see exactly what was going on.  About that time the wind kicked up and we heard distant thunder from those black clouds to our south.  Time to go inside.  Maybe we'll drive into town to watch the fireworks tonite.  The sky has cleared, no rain fell, the wind is still blowing thru this narrow canyon like crazy, and it looks to be a fine evening.  Hope everybody had a nice Fourth!


  1. Looks like that was a great bike ride!

  2. Oh goodie, you are still having fun! I am just now trying to catch up, so I'll be reading backwards to see how you have been doing for the last week or so. I see bikes and a sleep number bed? sheesh...shopping in Montana??

    1. Did you know Montana (like Oregon) has no sales tax? We took advantage of the opportunity to buy new bicycles, since our other ones had been "beat to death" by us in the past 11 yrs or so! The Sleep # bed we've had, but burst an air bladder (my side!) on a 7000+ ft pass - or two - into Montana a couple of wks ago. You KNOW we're still having fun! Enjoy your reading.


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