I Love a Parade - Livingston's July 4th parade on July 2nd...!

Two years ago we rode our bikes into town to watch the parade.  This year we took Smartie (who got all fixed up yesterday in the car repair shop), because we wanted to stop at Art in the Park first and if we bought something there, we might want to stash it in the car.  Two years ago a giant thunderstorm let loose as the parade came to an end.  We were hidden under a bank drive-thru, so we stayed hi and dry.  A thunderstorm, giant or otherwise, would have been welcome today -- it was a hot one!  Hot and sunny.  The parade started on the dot of 3 pm.

This parade features all modes of travel, esp horses - lots of horses of every description.

I include this picture for all my breast cancer survivor friends and relatives.  Isn't this a great float?

This cute little feller was patiently waiting, his bag gaping open.

Don't know how he does it on a unicycle, but this kid juggled while he rode!  The crowd gave him a big hand.

95 degrees is just plain HOT.

A local outfitter with its matching mules.  They left deposits (pee-yew)!

We about fell over when we saw the handmade sign on this fine Yellowstone Park Transportation wagon:  Class of 1963 Reunion.  Somebody else had a 50-year high school class reunion this year....  One hint:  Not me.

Gotta love a parade that has a Costco wagon float - giving away toilet paper.  I snagged one.

Here's the loot:  One shirt, five apples (one disappeared?  Might be in Smartie), a roll of TP, a slew of candy, including a Bubble gum or two and lots of Salt Water Taffy.  Plus the nearby town of Clyde Park Centennial Celebration wooden nickel.  The local Town & Country Supermarket had a truck full of apples, cases of apples, and I think every spectator got at least one.  Pretty nice.  Jimmy said he was proud of me for netting so much candy without knocking down any little kids .  Really a fun, family-oriented afternoon. 


  1. Really like the breast cancer float! Ingenious!

  2. Wow, that looks almost as cool as those Nevada City parades, but I'll bet it is even hotter back in your old home town right now.


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