Just one more day? Saturday, 7/20/13

Another hot one today!  Donna and I decided to walk from our campsites to a point on the Yellowstone River neither of us had ever been able to access before.  Now that the river flow has changed, we can.  We both waded in water to our ankles in our sneakers and sox, which was no big deal, 'cause the water felt cool and we can rinse shoes and wash sox!  While we hiked over rocks, Jimmy, and Donna's husband, Danny, and his brother Fred were all parked on boulders beside the river behind the RV park... fishing!  Jimmy hauled in one trout after another!  O yay!

 When Donna and I got to the point, this was what we saw!  Boaters and mergansers - they get around!

 A never-before photo of the RV park (by me, anyway) from the opposite side of the river.  Tergel shows up really well (left center) perched on high ground above the boulders.  What a view we have daily of the Absaroka/Beartooth mountains to our south.  The guys (and gals) fish from these huge boulders (riprap).

How about this for a fine day's catch?  The biggest fish (brown trout) measured 18".  Nice eating.  They're all in the freezer.  Not much room for anything else in that freezer, either (but we don't care)!

 Saturday evening, Donna, Danny, and Fred hosted a fish dinner at Donna's RV.  Those fellas have been fishing fools - look at the trout!  Their freezers are full, too.  The guys provided the fish and the rest of us brought a dish to share.  Oh my goodness, we ate well.  And we had a wonderful time!

I didn't get everybody in the picture.  Standing extreme left is Tom, followed by Robbie, Bob, Fred and Jimmy.  Right, rear is Donna, with Susan in the foreground.  Danny must be at the grill.  And me, I'm taking the picture.  Wish we could've gotten a photo of everyone toasting another fun-filled month, another good year at Rock Canyon RV Park (but we were busy, eating!).


  1. Wowzers. Nice looking fish picnic. Bet it was a hoot. Any idea why the heads were left on the trout shown on the grill?

    1. Nope, don't know. They always leave the heads on. We cut them off (saves room in the freezer, too). Very fun evening!


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