More fun than a barrel of monkeys! July 8, 2013

We are seldom in a hurry these days -- what's the point, unless you're trying to catch a train or a flight.  Our destination today was the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT, followed by a trip to REI and Costco. Thunderstorms were forecast for this area of Montana and, sure enough, clouds dotted the sky by the time we left Livingston.  Four of us piled into Bubba's truck and off we went.  Bozeman is only about 23 miles from our campground and it's a beautiful drive on I-90. I was disgusted with myself when I realized I'd forgotten my camera.  No photos taken in the museum, so sorry!  Or REI or Costco, for that matter.  MOR is a wonderful museum, with a Living History Farm, one of the largest and fullest dinosaur fossil collections in the world, and a planetarium where we saw a fascinating film about the Auroras on both Poles.  Really a place where you could spend hours and hours.  Halfway thru our visit, we hopped across the street to eat a delish sandwich on Sola Cafe's patio, and we watched the thunderheads form around us.  Returning to the museum, we elected to tour the living history farm NEXT, because we knew the rain was on its way.  I especially loved their garden - it was wonderful.  I wish I had pictures, but we've already had that discussion.... 

Jimmy bought a new bike helmet at REI and both Nannie and I got new bike bags.  I haven't posted a picture of our new bikes - mine and Jimmy's - but I will soon.  We didn't buy much at Costco, but we had a good time looking and sampling!  

 After the rain in Livingston, zooming in on the Absaroka Mtns.  Livingston had a BIG rain while we were in Bozeman, inc hail.  Gee, not sorry we missed that!

 Bubba, Nannie, Jimmy and me after dinner in our Tergel.

Dang, I forgot to take a BEFORE picture of the four trout Jimmy caught AND grilled, so I decided an AFTER picture would suffice!  Very yummy!

 After dinner, we joined with several others from the RV park for a walk on the bike/hike trail across the hwy from the RV park.  You see it was a beautiful evening.

Nannie, Donna and her niece, Melissa, and me on the trail.  Susan and Tom had already walked, so they didn't join us.  Jimmy and Bubba  were with us, too (taking pics!).  Fun walk!

Here's me and Nannie, smiling at the camera.  We all walked up to Carter's Bridge, maybe a mile each way.

I was pleased to find Monarch butterfly caterpillars on the Showy milkweed we see along the trail.  Ain't it striking?!?


  1. Sure did enjoy our day! The trouts were DELISH! The walk was lovely. And we all slept like babies!

    1. Slept like babies? What, did you all wake up crying every few hours after soiling your jammies with digested trout? Hehehe

  2. Nice group photo at the kitchen table. Y'all looking good for a bunch of weary travelers.


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