More horsing around in Livingston, MT - Tuesday, July 9th.

I was awakened early this morning - maybe 6ish - by loud, high-pitched kreeeeeees.  Not just once, but over and over - it sounded like a pitched battle going on.  On the cliff face opposite our RV park, Peregrine falcons have a nest with four chicks in it, and many of us in the the park have been watching the parents fly about.  Audubon people set up a scope (before we arrived at the RV park) to check for chicks -- falcons have chosen this nest site for the past several years.  This morning we spotted five or all six birds flying, even overhead, as the young have fledged!  My little 12X point-and-shoot camera doesn't do excellent closeups like some who have 36X zooms, but here's a picture of one of the falcons on a snag across the river.  The falcons wheeled and soared and continued with the kreeeees, like they were having a ball!  I bet they were, too.

Peregrine falcon looking at us on the riverbank.

After all that bird excitement, Jimmy, me, and my sister Nannie hopped on our bikes to ride the bike trail into town.  Jimmy has new bike mirrors ordered, but they still weren't ready for pickup.  Here are me and Nannie at the Yellowstone River near Sacajawea Park in Livingston.

On our way back to the RV park, we encountered four horses near the bike path.  The high grass had recently been mowed, so we offered the "hay" leavings to the horses.  Oh my, you'd think they'd struck gold - we couldn't provide the dried grass fast enough.  We have new best friends!

More!  More!  More!

Jimmy allowed as how the caption on this picture could be four horses and two asses, but I think that's tacky.  I think it should read:  The End.

But wait:
After nice cool showers (toasty warm today!), the six of us above elected to eat out rather than heating up kitchens.
L-R:  Nannie, Tom and Susan... me, Jimmy and Bubba at Fiesta en Jalisco Mexican Restaurant in Livingston.

Now!  THE END.


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