OK - Now you're talkin' !!! July 5th & 6th

An EARLY Friday morning thunderstorm (6 am) charted the course for our day!  Rain fell, wind howled, lightning cracked, followed by resonating thunder.  Fishing and bicycling were out.  Don't want to be on the river in a raft or kayak in this weather.  What's left?  A trip to Chico Hot Springs in Paradise Valley!  A soak in nice hot-springs water on a cool morning was the answer.  I asked at the front desk how big the main pool is and the gal didn't know, but she said the two pools hold 100,000 gallons of water.  That doesn't quite tell me anything about size, but I'd guess the main pool is close to Olympic size.  And warm.  The smaller pool was hot!  Their website sez the large pool averages 96 degrees and the smaller pool averages 103 degrees. It rained on us a couple of times while we were in the water, but - so what?  We were wet anyway!  (no lightning or thunder at that point)  Chico was established in 1897 and their elevation is 5280 - sounds like a mile to me!

 Chico's main entrance.

Beautiful flowers in abundance all over the grounds.

You can see it's cloudy.  Looking at the main pool from the smaller (hot) pool.  We had fun there.

Captured this shot of newly rolled hay on our way home.  These round hay bales are illegal in some states, you know.  Why?  The cows can't get a square meal.

* * * * *

Saturday dawned clear, but an afternoon thunder-boomer hit around suppertime.  Not much rain, just lots of noise.  After it was over, Jimmy allowed as how he'd go drown a few worms in the Yellowstone.  Looks happily engrossed, doesn't he?

 I took this pic as darkness descended in the RV park, but an alpenglow colored the Absaroka Mtns.  So many photo ops with views like these.

WHOA - speaking of photo ops -- you haven't seen any pictures of fish on this blog till now because the fish weren't biting.  Till today!  Here's today catch - minus one already in the fridge!  All gorgeous rainbow trout.  Good show!  Perfect timing - my sister and brother-in-law are arriving at Rock Canyon tomorrow.  Looks like grilled trout will be on the menu!  YUM-YUM


  1. Ugh!...the cows can't get a square meal?? I'll have to remember that one. ;)

  2. Judy, I cannot tell you how many times I have told that joke and it works like a charm every time. Even got one of my brothers-in-law twice! It's guaranteed, every time....


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