On our way out of town... Friday, 7/26/13

... we stopped at Buffalo Bill Dam a few miles west of Cody.  Constructed from 1905-1910, the arch-gravity dam holds a reservoir of 623,557 to 869,230 acre feet of Shoshone River water.  It was designed as the tallest dam in the world (at the time) and fulfilled the vision of developer - Buffalo Bill Cody!  Most of the reservoir water is used for irrigation, turning the arid high plains into one of Wyoming's most fertile farming regions.  I can tell you that looking down into the breath-taking rugged canyon from the open walkway across the dam just about gave me vertigo.  The old Shoshone powerplant hugs the canyon wall on the left in the photo below, just out of view.  Other powerplants are located further downstream, fed by conduits.

 Rugged is the word.

 Great Visitor Center, sandwiched between high cliffs.  Lots of exhibits, esp of Buffalo Bill's influence on the development of Cody and the dam.

 Situated 295 feet above the Shoshone River... whew - it's a loooong way down!

 Boating, water sports, and fishing are allowed on the reservoir, with camping nearby.  It's quite big, approx 5 x 7 miles.

Jimmy on the top of the dam.

This was a first.  Most of us have visited "pit toilets."  The dam Visitor Center has nice, modern bathrooms, with... composting toilets.  No odor, which means very efficient. 

 Look, Ma, no toilet handle, no flush!  Clean.  Neat.  (The sign on the wall sez, "Please Close the Lid.")  I did.

Next up:  Yellowstone National Park!

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