Playing! Fishing! Sunday/Monday - July 21st and 22nd

River otters are the cutest critters!  Splashing, playing, diving, they do it all, and they look like they're having a great time, too!  But... when the fishermen are present and their lines are in the water, the otters need to play elsewhere!  They scatter the fish.  We see these otters - Mom and three young - frequently at Rock Canyon RV Park.  This morning we watched them frolicking in the shallow waters on the opposite bank of the Yellowstone.  Play-time went on and on.  Then, they swam close - their den is to the right in the photo below. 

 Two of the three youngsters popped their heads up to look at me, as if to say, "What's up, dude?"  They're already good-sized.

 All three popped up just below Jimmy fishing.  He pitched a small light-weight stick at them.  They dove and disappeared into their den just to the right of the point.  A short time later, Mom appeared - with a fish in her mouth - and swam into the den.  I tippy-toed across the boulders above the den and could hear fish bones crunching as she and/or the kids consumed the fish!

 After all that commotion, Jimmy caught this nice brown trout.  One of several trout he caught this last day at Rock Canyon.


* * * * *

Monday morning we pulled out after one month (plus a few days) heading to Billings, which is approx 115 miles east.  We didn't get away early because friends kept coming over to bid us a fond farewell.  Made our hearts feel happy, but heavy at the same time having to leave our friends.  We enjoyed our stay at Rock Canyon very much this year.  Farewell, dear people, till we meet again!  Safe travels to all....

Beautiful full moon rising over Billings.

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