That's a fishy story, uh-huh! Wednesday, 7/17/13

Our Montana day began as usual, with Momma Merganser and her kids swimming upstream in the Yellowstone River.  We see them almost every day, morning and evening.  As you see in the picture below, she has a passel of kids!  They look to be well-trained !

Jimmy and I decided to go further afield (or a-stream in this case) to catch some trout, and drove north on Hwy 89 out of Livingston.  We drowned a worm or two in the Shields River with no success.  Did spot this handsome Mule Deer lass on a hill overlooking Shields River.

 We turned off 89 onto a completely out-of-the-way gravel road called 16-mile (north of Wilsall).  One of the first things we saw are these stupid is-as-stupid-does cows staring at us.  They're on one side of a cattle guard and I'm on the other.  They can't cross it.  I can.  I took two steps closer and they all took off!  The rest of the herd were watching (out of the picture) and probably laughing! 

After a few miles we came to a brook leading into a reservoir.  Jimmy threw his line in and immediately caught a "brookie."   A few minutes later, I hauled in this excellent rainbow trout!  I FINALLY caught a fish!  A nice, big rainbow trout.  Both the brookie and the rainbow put up a fight!   

 Biting bugs were plaguing me, so I took a path to get to Smartie (white dot in the distance), while Jimmy walked around the reservoir to the willows in the distance.

 Jimmy (red arrow) continues to fish for a while, but no luck.  We took home those two fine fish.  We were alone here and it was very peaceful, very pretty.

We saw this abandoned homestead on Hwy 89, and it just looks so ... lonesome?  Doncha just wonder, sometimes, the whys of and what happened?

And, wrapping up this day, my beloved fisherman drops a line in the Yellowstone (smooth as glass), thinking maybe one more bite, one more fish.  The evening was a beauty, as you can see, and it was a pleasure just being outside to enjoy it.


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