They said it was supposed to be a hot day... Thurs, 7/11/13

... but they got it wrong again!!  Yesterday was hot.  Today was overcast and fairly cool.  Well, nobody on this raft complained, because those clouds kept us from baking in the sun.  We'd arranged with Rubber Ducky for a 6-person raft to be delivered to Emigrant (Fishing Access Site 525), where we put in, and our take-out point would be Mallard's Rest (Fishing Access Site 511.3), for a nice roughly four-hour float trip down the mighty Yellowstone River.  No rapids, just a swift river winding thru very scenic Paradise Valley.  Perfect.

FYI:  No motorized boats are allowed on the Yellowstone, not even electric motors.  Kayaks, canoes and rafts are what you see on the river, and occasionally young people freezing their behinds floating along in tubes.  And nobody - NOBODY - tries to beat the current and go upstream.  Me and Nannie dipped our piggies over the sides into the water to cool off our feet - we just couldn't leave them in tooooo long!

 Tom and Jimmy at the back of our raft - steering.

The fly fisherwoman at the back of this float boat was pulling in a trout.  Then she released the dang thing.

You don't usually see a bald eagle land on a river bank in front of you, but this one did.  Photo op!!

 Bubba, Jimmy, me in back and in front: Nannie, Susan, Tom.  We just finished lunch on this "rock bar" when another raft pulled in.  Photo op!  (notice Fluffy the Dog in the picture - left side)

 This dog must hit the rock bar every day to see who's giving out free tidbits.  Nannie is advising the dog to SIT.  She listens.  Our big yellow raft is behind Nannie.

OK, now, sez Nannie:  Gently!  So, the dog obeys and gently takes a piece of her sandwich.  And then waits for more!  Mind you, none of us has ever seen this dog before.  She has a collar on, and she looks pretty well fed, eh?



The guys - Bubba, Tom and Jimmy - at Mallard's Rest (take-out point).

This pretty handmade boat came out of the water just after we did.  Made from mahogany plywood.

* * * * * * * * * *

Nobody wanted to cook again this evening, so we piled into vehicles at dinnertime, aiming for Ted's.

Enjoying bison burgers (except Susan) at Ted's Montana Grill in Bozeman.
L-R:  Tom, Susan, Jimmy, me, Nannie and Bubba.

Big Daddy!  Bison burger anyone?

Tomorrow?  Maybe a rest day....

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  1. Floating downstream is definitely the way to go!


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