Tiptoe thru the Park? Yellowstone Nat'l Park - June 30th 2013

Jimmy drowning a worm in the Yellowstone River @ the RV Park!  As the saying goes, "It's a tough life, but somebody's gotta do it!"  May as well be comfortable while you're at it, right?

* * * * *

Sunday morning we decided to drive the 50 miles south to the North Entrance of Yellowstone Nat'l Park.  Driving the distance thru Paradise Valley is never a chore or a bore; the valley is aptly named.  I made sandwiches and we gathered all our gear (we hope).

Food. check
Plenty of fluids: check
Back packs: check
Bear spray: check
Telephone: check
Hiking shoes 'n sox: check
Hat: check
Sunglasses: check
Bug spray: check
Sunscreen: check
What did we forget?  Probably common sense!   By the time we got to the Yellowstone River Picnic trailhead and ate our sandwiches, it was high noon and hotter'n Old Faithful.  (Repeat:  Get an earlier start) Still and all, this is a gorgeous place to spend an afternoon.  Another favorite hike of ours:  3.7 miles R/T.  Oh yeah, Jimmy's short-sleeved shirt didn't make it into Smartie.  He stopped at Roosevelt Lodge and bought an inexpensive souvenir T-shirt!  We always forget something!

Rip-roarin' Yellowstone River near Yankee Jim's Canyon, approx 40 mile upriver from our RV Park.

When I saw this wagon headin' off toward the hills, I thought it looked like such a fun thing to do.  Maybe we'll do it next time we're in the Park (possibly next week?).

Iconic symbol of Yellowstone Nat'l Park.  These beasts are VERY large.  About the size of Smartie....

Hiking along sage-scented east rim of the Narrows of the Yellowstone River in the park.  Clouds may contain moisture, but none hit the ground.

Looking WAY down into the Yellowstone River canyon.  The white indicates hydrothermal activity and along this stretch of the Narrows, a strong sulphur smell prevailed.  In short:  It stunk.

Summer is definitely wildflower season in the National Park.

King (or Queen?) of the Castle.  High atop a ridge, this big-horned sheep posed for the multitude of cameras aimed at it, including mine.  This area is just before exiting the North Entrance of the Park. Nice ending to a great day!


  1. Yellowstone is just about my favorite place to be in the country. I really like that pic of the path going through the wildflowers.

  2. My favorite place too. Been there twice, and hope to soon make a winter trip to Yellowstone.


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