YNP - It's all here - July 26-27-28

Jimmy and I are home now, two months after we left our Nevada City home.  We left Fishing Bridge C/G in Yellowstone on Monday morning, and pulled in our driveway Wednesday afternoon 7/31/13.  Two great months on the road, including one month in Livingston, Montana (good friends and plenty of trout fishing!).  Tomorrow we rest, after working our tails off the past few days.  At least that's the plan as of this moment!  I tho't I'd leave you with just a few Yellowstone photos.  We took LOTS more.

Legendary Yellowstone.

Somebody didn't pay attention....

Right of way?  From the biggest bison...

 ... to the smallest mouse...

to the undeniably handsomest buck...

This is Yellowstone!

 We enjoyed both north and south rims of this Grand Canyon.

In person?  Indescribably beautiful.

 Lower Falls.

 Nope.  Not Old Faithful, but puffin' away nevertheless!

 Fascinating texture to the rims of many boiling "splashers."

 Cliff Geyser is a continuous blower-upper.  Not a technical term.

A land of contrasts:  From a lovely pair of Trumpeter Swans,

to one of a Mountain Bluebird pair in the (hot) geyser area, of all places!

The canyon near Artist's Point is vividly multicolored.  And -- it's a long, long way down to the river.

Cute face, right?  These huge beasts are everywhere!   Each one is WAY bigger than most cars.  They love to saunter down the middle of the road, which plays havoc with vehicle traffic.  Or an entire herd may decide to cross the road, in dribs and drabs, one or two at a time, to get to the other side (as happened to us when we were leaving the Park).  Well, maybe not, maybe they'll turn around.  Oops, never mind, they cross anyway.  Here come two more.  One runs, and now more run....  And so on!

The End!


  1. Yellowstone is about my favorite place on earth! I love that first photo.

  2. Didja climb down the stairs by the falls?

    1. Didn't have to climb down/up those durn steps - did it last time we were there! Hiked to Clear Lake instead.

  3. Wow, you got home fast! Hope the smoke isn't too bad there in Nevada City from the Yosemite fire. Looks like it is south of you. Welcome "home"!!

  4. Jim'n'e Cricket. Those be some spectacular views just from the photos. Must have been even better seeing it in person. Glad you made it home safe.


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