Gearing up -- yee-haw! Friday, Nov 29th

Tis the season ....  Notwithstanding the FIVE pounds of ad papers we rec'd in Thursday's Sacramento Bee newspaper, we had no intention of shopping on so-called black Friday.  I wonder how many pounds worth of ad inserts were in a mega-market paper like the LA Times?  Actually, who cares?  The closest I got to shopping today was to drop off packages at the Grass Valley PO - got right in, no lines!

I didn't cook a turkey this year.  Jimmy and I had a delightful Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Grass Valley, followed by the usual postprandial stupor from pigging out.  All those delicious side dishes are what does it!  Maybe some desserts, too.   One of our group was observing the first day of Hanukkah, a rare occurrence on Thanksgiving, so we had a dual celebration.  Be a long, long time till Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincide again.

Today I deleted all the pictures from my computer, except a file containing flower pics I've taken around the US, and stored them in "the book."  I'm trying to clear space for potential trip photos and videos.  We are gearing up!  The bed in our guest room is covered by suitcases and the STUFF that's going into them.  Both of us have rummaged around in our closets, trying to take the least amount of clothes and shoes to last us a month, and in temps ranging from tropical summer to cool Patagonia.  South America, here we come!  Jimmy has been checking his list and ticking off items as they get done.  Lots involved in getting house and yard winter-ready.

This evening we donned jackets and gloves to join downtown Grass Valley's Cornish Christmas festivities at 6 pm.  Our first time.  It was kind of disheartening to drive around looking for a parking space because that meant a BIG crowd.  Indeed, Mill Street was thronged with milling (sorry) people.  Didn't see much in the way of Christmas.  We met our friends for a little bit, and then we all escaped.

So:  Back to our trip.  We'll take off Monday for Los Angeles, driving to my son's place.  He'll take us to the Golden Princess on Wednesday, Dec. 4th., which will be our home for 17 days!  Then another ten days wandering through Chile!  Whooo-ee!  We are excited.

We're taking the new GoPro camera and our old Canon.  I took a couple of videos on the GoPro while we were ripping down a mountain road on our bikes a few days ago, but haven't got the editing process down yet.  I am challenged (also lazy).  Took a few still shots too, but managed to delete them... not what I intended.  (sigh...)  Don't know how often I'll be able to add posts to the blog.  We'll be at the mercy of wifi in coffee shops and perhaps libraries in other countries!

Since we'll be away from home for Christmas this year, we're not bothering to put up decorations.  Cards and packages had to be finished this week.  (I am way ahead of the game, historically speaking!)  This trip is one WOW-EE Christmas present for Jimmy and me.  We won't be doing any shopping, and will not miss seeing the incredible consumerism rampant on television and in newspapers.  That ain't us.

This is us, traveling and enjoying life!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Can't wait to hear about it.

  2. Oh boy, it's almost TIME! Keep me in your pocket, eh?

  3. This is so exciting!! yes, exclamation points again. I will look forward to your photos and stories of the trip. I only touched a bit of Colombia and other than that have never seen South America. Woohooo. Yes, an amazing Christmas present trip for the two of you. Travel safe and come home with rich wonderful memories.


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