On the Briny -- December 12th (on the way to Peru)

Thursday, 12/12 -- At sea.  P/C turned to overcast by afternoon.  What is there to do all day with no land in sight?  Plenty!  I love gazing at the ocean, its ever-changing appearance and color.  Container ships, tankers, even an occasional fishing boat appear out of nowhere and disappear.  Unidentifiable flotsam and jetsam float by, tho I’ve identified pieces of Styrofoam, and we’ve seen a couple of clear plastic bottles bob by on the waves.  (Hey, Rob, think they might be from your neck of the woods?)  We passed in the middle of a flotilla of delicate-looking jellyfish, pretty to see from our balcony!  Brown boobies circle the ship, skimming the water, plus others I haven’t been able to name w/o a book or Internet.

The ship has three or four pools and I’m not sure how many spa (hot) pools, which is paradise for me. When we’re in rolling seas, it’s great sport swimming against the tide, so to speak, as the water makes mini tsunamis.  Even with many people on board, I’ve enjoyed a couple of solitary swims.  Water – in it or on it – makes me happy … must be the Viking in me.  Jimmy has been a water-lover since he was young – surfer, sailor, diver.  We read; we play Yahtzee, by ourselves or with Sue and Adel.  Lectures, entertainment, meetings, you name it – lots of choices, lots to do.  We did a load of sweaty laundry this afternoon.  Eating is a virtue aboard ship, akin to godliness!  Tonite we got gussied up for dinner; tho most nites we don’t. Eating = walking, one balances out the other, I hope!  Naps are good, too.

Goofing around (like reindeer) after dinner --Adel, Sue, me and Jimmy!

Jimmy is in the middle balcony, listening to the tango music.

 The ship is getting into the festive spirit.

So the ship moves forward at approx 20 knots/hr, and dolphins swim equally fast, which makes capturing them leaping out of the water difficult, but if you enlarge this, you can see a pod of 'em in the middle.

Another lovely sunset at sea.

Tomorrow is a crossing-the-Equator ceremony, which promises to be lots of laughs!  We’re excited about the crossing ….

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  1. Beautiful ship! Great people! who could ask for more? love from your sistah.


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