Welcome to tropical Costa Rica! Muy bien! Dec. 11th.

Wednesday, 12/11 -- P/C. Sea temp is down to 84°. Daily air temp hovers in the 80°-82° area. Humidity remains at 100%, but the breeze is wonderful, saving us from totally overheating.  Tropical Costa Rica!  Observing the ship come into the harbor, do a 90° turn and dock at a long narrow pier is truly an amazing sight.  All of us up top marveled at the maneuvering.

We scared up some birds!  Our massive ship is going to make a sharp right just past the square thingee ...

and then come alongside the tiny pier ...

like so ...

(Brown pelicans must live everywhere in the world.)

... And tie up. We're watching the entire docking process.

Magnificent Frigate birds, they circle and circle.

We booked a day-long excursion for today. After a scenic hour+ journey on the one-lane-each-way Pan American Hwy in one of those nifty, air-conditioned buses, we arrived at the Corobici River for a two-hour, action-packed adventure/float.   In an eight-person whitewater raft, we alternately paddled and floated, with a guide who could spot iguanas and knew where the noisy howler monkeys might be high in the treetops (we heard them before we saw them).  He named trees for us, inc the Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s national tree, and he pointed out the crocodiles in the shallows, as well as birds: Ospreys, egrets, and herons, inc a boat-billed heron. We missed the mot-mot, darn.   It was grand fun, tho the folks on the right side of the boat got drenched when a wave came up over the side… too bad Jimmy was on the right!   The hours literally flew by.   Lunch for the entire group was back at the put-in place in a beautiful open-air restaurant with a river view.  Two of our fellow rafters were from Canada and they joined us for lunch.   Great company, glorious excursion. 

Cute couple, huh?

No guts, no glory - into the water!

The Corobici is not a calm river. Great to raft on.

Fine day to be on the water.

Serious rafting, esp by the gal in blue shorts. :- )

One of the guides having a bit of fun in his kayak.


Howler monkeys - a whole family (three in this pic, I think).

Howlers live in the tree canopy - they rarely touch earth.

Nice prehensile tail - these guys can fly thru the trees.

Girly-girl iguana. Her boyfriend was to the right out of this picture.

Ahh, here's the gent in question. Ain't he a proper-looking dude?   We saw a lot of iguanas.

We were slow returning, late afternoon traffic, doncha know, and didn’t get back to the ship till after 6 PM (dark!). Jimmy and I didn’t make it to our dining room on Deck 6… after showering (boy, did that feel good) we ate on Deck 14 at the Horizon Court, sharing a table with two charming ladies from Australia. We surely have met lots of interesting people. Someone told us 60 nationalities are aboard the Princess. Speaking of Princess, while we ate, she weighed anchor @ 7PM and pointed her nose south.  We have three full sea days till our next port-of-call: Lima, Peru.  Tired tonite!


  1. Costa Rica might get put on our bucket list.....

  2. I sure would like to see a frigate bird.

    1. Quite I sight, I guarantee. I hope you get the opportunity to see one (or more!).

  3. I love the frigate birds too. And we loved Costa Rica. Mo traveled there for three weeks or so one year before we started traveling together. I spent a day on a cruise like you did, doing a river and traveling through the countryside. It is a lovely country. Looking forward to your next posts!


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