Headin' South... South America, that is. Wed, Dec 18 - Thurs, Dec 19

We have two relaxing days at sea before reaching our next destination:  La Serena (Coquimbo), in northern Chile.  After Tuesday's dinner, we enjoyed gazing at December's Full Cold Moon while walking the Promenade Deck, tho the evening wasn't cold for us!  Windy, yes! 

Wednesday dawned cool and overcast, with singular shafts of sunlight piercing the ocean.  The water temp is up to 71 degrees again.  Each morning we have a Princess Patter in our cabin mailbox.  Today's Patter announced a time change for tonite.  We set our clocks forward one hour last nite.  Figured it must be a typo.  While pondering this outside our cabin, Captain Wilson (!!) was making his way aft in our passageway.  We stopped him and I asked him if it was a mistake.  "No," came his affable reply.  "But," I responded, "we set our clocks forward last nite; it's four times already.  What time zone will we be in with the next change?"  He explained that technically it's the Greenland Time Zone (UTC-03:00), but in South America, it's simply called, "Santiago."  We hadn't realized how far east we'd be while in Chile.  Make for a bit of jet lag on the way home to California?

From our cabin:  Morning sun beams.

The morning's lecture was "All You Want to Know About Chile."  We believe every little bit of info we garner is going to help us get around Chile, since we'll be in the country for ten days.  Long and Narrow:  The Republic of Chile stretches over 2.670 miles north to south, but only 217 miles at its widest point east to west.  We know it encompasses a remarkable variety of landscapes.  Their currency is the Chilean Peso (CLP), and 500 Pesos equals approximately one American dollar.  We'll be up in big numbers in no time!

This evening is the Captain's Farewell Party, with his farewell speech and cocktails in the Piazza.  Jimmy and I got all gussied up for dinner. 

 Corralled balloons, ready for The Drop.

Enlarge this if you can.  Guess which main course we picked!?

This is my desert:  Floating Islands.  I thought they looked like floating eyeballs!  I ate every one.

After dinner stroll around the Promenade Deck as the sun sets.

 When the speech is finished, it's Balloon Drop!  Music, dancing, and popping balloons.

Meanwhile, outside, the sun has dropped - in spectacular fashion - into the ocean.

This is that Humboldt Current I mentioned previously, moving north from Antarctica cooling the West Coast of South America.  Our last port-of-call touched on the Atacama Desert (the driest hot desert in the world).

 Dessert on the 19th involved CHOCOLATE!  We all indulged.

Raphael, me, Jimmy, and Mauricio.  Wait staff with character!

We never tire of the sunsets.  Nor the sunrises.  Grateful to see both.

Don't forget:  Set your clocks forward one hour.  We'll be in Santiago time, five hours from our Nevada City home.  Tomorrow:  we set foot in Chile for the first time.  Yowza!


  1. what fun! how were the lobsters you got? :)

    1. Ah, you guessed correctly! Both lobsters were delicious! :-)

  2. Huh ... I guess I'd better go look at a world map; I didn't realize Chile was in the same time zone as Greenland. Must have something to do with the fact that the world is round, but maps are flat.

  3. Lobster was what I was going to guess also. Looking forward to your wildlife excursion in Chile.

  4. Yup, lobster and shrimp...my guess. I guess I am reading backwards since I just read about your landing in Chile. This looked like a really nice cruise. We have enjoyed almost all cruises on Princess. Our cruise coming up is on Norwegian...it is a wait and see...


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