What a Santiago Super Sunday -- Dec.29th, 2013

I guess we knew, but technically we DIDN'T know just how close the Museum of Fine Arts was to where we were staying.  All we had to do was walk a block and turn left rather than right, and there it was.  We weren't sure if it would be open on Sunday, but judging from all the people in Parque Forestal, we figured something must be going on.  Yes, the museum was open and we paid a few pesos to get in, and then that language thing kicked in again. We wondered if there might be a brochure -- did it matter where we began? No brochure, came in so many Spanish words.  Gestures, friend of the lost, worked, and this time it was a helper who made sweeping motions, indicating downstairs.  What we wanted, what we needed was down the staircase.  OK.

Great entryway.  But, check this out -- we got a two-fer!  We paid to go into the museum of contemporary art (MAC).  On the western end of the building, under this entryway, was the museum of fine arts.  The entire building is known as the Palace (el Palacio de Bellas Artes, and dates to 1910).  Are you keeping up?

This is not a "guard" dog.  I think it's a HUGE horse?.
Quite a crowd outside the MAC entrance and near the BIG dude above.

The helper was correct -- downstairs was an interactive exhibit in English, featuring quite a few video screens that explained much about Chile in general, Santiago in particular.  I can't begin to relate all of it.  I will say that walking along on the crushed crystal quartz was fascinating.

Georges Russo.  Initially we gave Georges Russo short shrift... until we began to really look at his work.  THEN, we returned to the exhibits and studied them, amazed at what he's done.  Where the lines converge in front on the floor above, a star appears. 

Move left, and this is what you see.  In another direction is a different view.  But only where the lines come together on the floor in front will you see the star.  Enlarge the photos.

Looks one-dimensional?  It is three-dimensional painting.
(Hint:  Look at all the columns.  Most of the first column is visible.  As you look back, more of each column has been painted red.  And the in between spaces are all painted) 

Same with this.  We have more pictures, but it's time to move on!

El Palacio is a beautiful building, inside and out, both contemporary and fine arts sections.

Walking around to the museum's other side, it was obvious more people were setting up to sell stuff.

 Looking up to the next level at the fine arts museum.  Stunning statuary. 

One of my favorites. 

Horace imitating life?  Life imitating art?  Jimmy, you rascal!!

This round room was full of color.

Um, I took this photo before I knew "no photography allowed" (got in trouble, too).  Carlos Faz was the artist -- 1931-1953.  He died so young, in New Orleans.  Fell off a boat.  Verrrry interesting work.

 My feelings exactly!

Hello!  More art?  Maybe!

 Beautiful statue across from el Palacio.  Love the city statuary.

The snow-capped Andes are a different form of art.   

We'd decided to cross the Mapocho River and return to Bellavista Barrio to eat dinner.  Jimmy walks on a Parque Forestal path.  The river is to our left. 

 A playful kitty in one of Bellavista's open windows -- cute!

Our dinner choice (after checking out many sidewalk cafes, etc) was Backstage.  We ate inside which was air-conditioned -- important to us on a 90+ day.  We enjoyed yummy pasta dinners. 

 First time I'd tried Sanpellegrino.  Quite refreshing to a thirsty gal.

 Bougainvillea to the max!

More whole-building graffiti in Bellavista.

After dinner, we strolled back toward our place.  Now we understood that every Sunday on Parque Forestal, people turn out here (museum is at left) to sell their stuff.  We saw families, with infants to ancients, sitting in the grass, a blanket or two spread out in front of them with stuff, usually clothes, for sale. 

 And it went on forever!

This is where we turned off to Merced (our street).  A band had set up and was beginning to play.  We sat for a while and people-watched, listened to music, watched jugglers, and rested our feet.  Everyone seemed orderly and happy to be outdoors on a sunny Sunday.  I know this is a long post with probably way too many pictures (it is a mere fraction, tho!), but it was such a full, splendid day.  I just wanted to share it with you. 


  1. Just the buildings alone are works of art, I would have been on "overwhelm" the whole trip! love from your seestah.

  2. No such thing as too many pictures, Nicki, when you are having so much fun. Nice to read about it and see it with you.

  3. I think your favorite would be my favorite too. Another lovely day in Santiago.


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