Back in Alabama-y ... Feb 24-27, 2014

A couple more yearly medical appointment's (for me), breaking bread with good friends, and a final stop with Jimmy's son and family brings to a close our Mobile-area visit.  One day the weather was fine, the next was clouds and rain, the others were just plain cold.  Not conducive to riding bikes, which we'd hoped to do, but - what the heck - we did the important things.  We can ride our bikes anywhere, any ol' time.

Friday the 28th we leave for Baton Rouge to see my sister and brother-in-law.  We'll spend a few days with them before continuing west.  It's Mardi Gras season, and maybe we'll go to a parade, tho they get crazy and crowded, or possibly a tour of Lake Martin, with its spectacular rookery -- alive with egrets, herons, cormorants and spoonbills, etc... and hopeful, hungry alligators; stately cypress trees casually draped in Spanish moss. That gets my vote!  Regardless, we'll enjoy spending time with Nannie and Bubba!  Hooray -- More family time!!

A foggy morning from our Tergel. 

Jimmy and his 12-almost-13-year-old handsome grandson, A.J.  Great kid!

I didn't get pictures of his son and daughter-in-law, nor photos of our good friends, Thomas and Carrianne and their lovely two girls, nor a lunch date picture with my treasured friend, Carolyn.  So, shoot me.  I either forgot the camera or forgot to take the pictures.  We'll just carry happy memories with us, Jimmy and me, and everybody else will have to guess on how good the pictures might have been!

One afternoon, before the rainstorm, I wandered around the grounds, camera IN HAND, taking flower pictures. The sky was (mostly) overcast, but the colorful blooms made me feel spring-like, even though spring itself seemed a far-off dream.  I also figured that pell-mell rain would knock the blossoms to pieces and I'd better collect my pictures right then and there... or not at all.  They dazzled.

 Hard to improve on a Camellia's perfection!

 Or the ornamental Magnolia liliiflora (what we refer to as the tulip tree).

 Pear blossoms can make a person feel spring-y....

 Pink Camellia and

 Red Camellia, too.

I had to do it.  Pick one of each color and variety (the white was a two-fer) to bring indoors.  Placed in a coffee mug on the dinette table, they looked so cheerful, esp on those gloomy days.  Of course, they were in the way during dinner and had to be shifted to the counter, back and forth, which meant I could continually admire them from different angles! 

And then there's these guys (girls).  The little donkey was across the fence last year.  When I approached her this year with a carrot, she initially shied away... till I sort of waved the carrot.  By the third day and several carrots later, she waited by the fence for me (or the carrot).  She let us scratch her cheeks and playfully tug her ears; we could pat her neck, and we agreed:  She's a sweet li'l donkey.

 Here she looks like she's fixin' to eat a hamburger!  But that's her mug!  Hahahaaaaa...!

The li'l donkey "guards" these goofy things.  They just stared.
As Forest Gump would say,
Stupid is as Stupid does.
The End.


  1. Flower color ... a great way of adding cheer to a day.

  2. camellias rank right up there on the beautiful-list.....


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