Some Tallahassee, Lassie? Feb 14-19, 2014

Jimmy and I always have such a good time visiting these ol' stomping grounds of ours... Tallahassee, where we lived from 2002 to 2007, and then for several months each in '08 and '09, thanks to Jimmy being employed there. The capital of Florida, located in the Big Bend area where the panhandle and peninsula meet, is a great little city, especially this time of year (read: not hot and humid).  Opportunities abound for all sorts of cool and exciting things to do.  Plus we get to visit the wonderful friends we made.  Whenever we're in the southeast, we make it a point to spend at least several days in Tallahassee.

One thing we've always enjoyed is walking around the South Wood Central Park Lakes.  Jimmy and I have walked, run, and biked around this particular 2+ mile paved trail many times.  We've spotted all sorts of wildlife, inc the beautiful Sherman's Fox Squirrel, and lots of special Florida birds -- from the big guys: Wood Storks, Bald Eagles, a Great Horned Owl, Herons and Egrets, to the little tappers:  Bluebirds and Phoebes and Yellow-rumped Warblers. All manner of ducks and waterfowl.  And the list could go on and on....

 Diane, me, Jimmy and Tom posing happily on our walk around the lakes on a breezy Sunday.

Eastern Phoebe perched on resurrection fern (Pleopeltis polyodioides - an epiphyte - a species of creeping, coarse-textured fern) attached to an oak limb.


 Says the Betta named Harriet, "Dude, what's up?"

All righty then, do I fit in well with this Hobby Lobby furniture?  (Camouflaged!)

 Back on the bike trail -- another favorite of ours.

After all the bad weather the southeast endured this winter, Monday was picture perfect, and ideal for a bike ride.  St Marks Bike Trail is 20+ miles one way.  Tom, Jimmy and I only did half that distance, 20+ miles R/T.  Sorry Diane missed out; she had to work....

 Tuesday was a meeting up with more friends, coffee with my friend Gale, and a yummy lunch at Marge's Cafe, owned by our friend, Rebecca...

...followed by an afternoon and dinner visit with our former neighbors and fellow campers, Mickey and Nancy.  They drive a  27' Itasca Sunova, the mirror image of our 27' Winnebago Vista.  We've met them in various campgrounds around the US and enjoy their company.  They like to hike as much as we do!  What a grand day!

Thanx, everyone.  We had a great time.
Next up:  Atlanta!

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