While away a few days, Louisiana-style. Feb 7/8/9, 2014

Baton Rouge, Saturday/Sunday:  It isn't hot.  It isn't cold.  Nor windy or rainy or foggy.  It IS really fine to be out of Tergel and visiting my sister and her husband.  The grass is a dun-colored mat after being repeatedly frozen and sleeted on in the past few weeks, but you know spring-green is lurking just beneath that dry thatch.  Tergel is resting in the driveway, probably glad to be off her pins for a few days.  She needs a bath to clean off the road grime, slush, and brine that we drove thru in Texas, but I think she'll have to wait till the next rain!  

 My sister is dog sitting "Bear," a lively and daffy pup.  He keeps us entertained.  Right now he's barking at Jimmy!

 Nannie and I put many a mile on our feet training for road races and half marathons.  This road, close to her house, gave us a three-mile +/- distance.  Today we're simply walkers.  Look Ma -- no jackets!

Jimmy and Nannie enjoying walking on this gorgeous warm Sunday.

The caption?  What else could it be?  Jack Sparrow! (tho technically this is a marsh rabbit)

We all try to get together for dinner whenever Jimmy and I are in town, and we always have a good time.  
R:  Nannie, me and Jimmy.  L: Bubba, Judy, and Jim
Olympic ice dancing was showing on a huge screen on the wall we're facing, so we got to critique each performance while we ate.

Tomorrow morning we'll hook up Smartie and point our noses east to the Mobile, Alabama area, a few hours away.  We'll spend a few days here, too, visiting family and taking care of medical appointments. It even looks like Tergel might get her bath, as showers are forecast tomorrow and the ensuring days.


  1. "jack sparrow" - hah! we have had more than a little rain since you left, and a freeze for tonight. Crazy weather this winter.

  2. Wonderful. That walk in the sunshine looked great. So glad you are out of the ice and cold. Hopefully Mobile isn't getting hit right now with that awful stuff hitting Atlanta tonight


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