Hot dog, a Hot Springs in Big Bend, March 7th

... Too bad we didn't have our bathing suits with us!  A young couple returning from a dunk in the hot springs said the water felt wonderful (allegedly 105°, but we don't know for sure).  We were on our way back to Tergel after hiking all day and a soak in hot springs might have been just the ticket, but (darned ol' buts) the drive to get our suits and return ix-nayed it.  As I mentioned yesterday, nothing is close in Big Bend.  Oh well, one more of those next-time things!  We did get out for a walk to the river and then, as usual for us, we kept on going -- just not all the way to the springs. Along the trail we discovered these fascinating rock "mountains" that we thought kind of resembled Pyramids.

 A great story is attached to these palm trees.  After reading it, we doubly wished we'd taken a dip in the springs!

 I went wading in the Rio Grande instead.  

 Quite an amazing sight.  Pictographs, swallow nests, and who knows what all else?

One of the pictographs.

Rock Nettle.  Its flower sort of reminded me of St Johns Wort.  Never saw Rock Nettle before.

This Chihuahuan Raven and it's partner were having a conversation that apparently I interrupted.  Both of them circled my head several times!  After our dinner, Jimmy and I hopped on our bikes for the short mile to Daniel's Ranch, right down from the campground.  It is known as a birder's place, and I vouch for it.  Along with the Raven, Vermilion Flycatchers were on the job, White-winged Doves were about, as well as a cluster of Inca Doves, and a Pyrrhuloxia and Golden-fronted Woodpecker were spotted pecking on seed. And the list goes on....  It was very peaceful under the massive cottonwood trees, no one else around.  Nice.

 See the Common Black Hawk's nest in the V of the tree (upper right in picture)?  I saw the hawk several times, but it was in no mood to have a photo taken.  Don't believe I'd ever seen one before.

Thought I'd throw in this pic of Alligator Juniper that I took yesterday in Chisos Mountains.  Definitely a resemblance to a real 'gator!

Believe me, I did not retouch this photo!  True sunset color on the "bacon" ridge of Sierra del Carmen Mountains.  Blew me away!

Of course, we have lots more pictures to remind us of our few days in Big Bend Nat'l Park, flowers and trees and butterflies and birds, rocks and mountains, and colors like seen above.  We were wondering what the fall would be like, after summer's heat abates, but before it gets too danged cold.  To be continued....

Saturday we left Big Bend for Terlingua Ranch and Lodge, but gray skies and cold temps didn't make our stay there any more appealing.  So, on Sunday under yucky skies we drove north on Hwy 118 for a stop at Fort Davis. On the way we were rained on, sleeted on, blown hither and tither, and generally faced very unfriendly conditions!  Dislike! When we got to Fort Davis, with little weather improvement, we said, "Ah, the heck with it, let's get out of Texas!!"   By gum, we kept on going ....


  1. The last time I was in Big Bend was 1988 in July. It was a trifle hot!

    1. Oh my gosh, Judy, you were either very brave or crazy wacky!!

  2. Ah, yes, the trail to the springs! And that, my dear, is where I took the fall that wrecked my left knee...... Too bad you didn't make it all the way to the springs, they are quite warm & nice to dangle the feetses in....

    1. Next time, Nannie! Sorry about that knee - where on that trail did you fall?

    2. right there where the cliffs are and the pictographs, where the trail is covered in dry silt. walking along and looking up, and stepped in an invisible hole...

  3. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Wow. Been reading your blog about Big Bend National Park. I sure would like to visit that place. N.A.


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