Icy Texas, one more time.... Tues, March 4th

Like I mentioned in yesterday's (Monday) post, at least driving on I-10 in Louisiana involved only a miserable north wind blowing us around, plus the usual bumpity-bumpity-bumpity.  I'm here to tell you that while Louisiana has improved sections of I-10, whenever those 85 psi tires hit rickety pavement, like that near Lafayette, it jars the entire innards of my brain, as well as half the stuff inside Tergel!!

That being said, rain began falling early while we were camped overnight in Winnie, Texas.  Knowing poopy weather was forecast, Jimmy dumped both tanks after dishes and showers, disconnected water, and all he had to do in the morning was disconnect the electrics.  Good thing.  Our morning temp was 33° and rain was pouring down. Close to 9 AM, we had a brief lull in rain, so we took off, heading west.  Weather guy said:  Icy conditions were possible....  I was the first to drive this morning (my offer).  We no more expected to see ice covering everything alongside I-10 than we expected to see a meteorite land.  It didn't take long for déjà vu to set in. A month ago driving east (in west-central Texas) we were involved in freezing fog along I-10 and iced-over conditions that led to some serious accidents and road tie-ups.

Today's pictures were taken from Tergel's front windshield or the passenger-side window, both cluttered with raindrops.  Hence, you'll see reflections and drops.  I carefully watched Tergel's dashboard temp and cringed when it dropped to 31°, but mostly it hovered at 33°.  Rain continued and soon roadside trees, shrubs, and grasses were coated in ice.  I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

Ice began appearing well before Houston. 

Sad looking palm trees. 

 Ice weighs heavy on this green shrubbery.

 The flashing road sign sez:  Winter Weather Warning.  No kidding!

I-10 west of Houston. 

We pulled off at an exit to change drivers.  Icicles! (we turned left) 

 I-10 near Columbus, Texas.

Ghost trees.

We drove slowly, mile after mile, marveling at the Christmas-like scenes.  We never saw ice on I-10 itself. Big trucks continued to drive lickety-split, so we figured we'd be okay.  Icy stuff covered south Texas for at least 50 miles along I-10. The rain finally let up after we passed Schulenberg, but the temp seemed stuck in the 30's.  By the time we hit San Antonio, we were happy to see the temp zoom to 50°!  Life is good.

Crazy, mixed-up winter weather!  We were grateful that we escaped unscathed, without incident.  That's the key.  No tie-ups, only one wreck we saw that didn't involve west-bound traffic, and we just kept truckin' along.  We drove all the way to Caverns of Sonora (long day), where the temp was a whopping 65 degrees! We slept peacefully in their quiet campground.  Headin' west tomorrow.  Without ice, preferably!!!

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  1. Good grief, this winter the weather has been insane.... So glad you made it thru there safely. have fun at Big Bend!


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