Laissez les bons temps rouler!! -- Baton Rouge, LA, March 1st and 2nd

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It's Mardi Gras time in Louisiana:  Let the Good Times Roll...!  As you can see by the picture below, we are appropriately dressed in Mardi Gras colors (especially our brother-in-law, Scott (Bubba).  Purple seems to be the dominant shirt-color theme for Jimmy and me, my sister and Bubba.  (How about those shoes?) We're here for the weekend, on our way west, and wouldn't miss one more visit with these two!  No, we didn't go to any of the parades; we've all experienced these parades (throw me something, mister), and none of us wanted to deal with clusters or crowds.

Twisted sista's with their mista's!! 

After a fine lunch at TOLA in Denham Springs on Saturday, Nannie and I discovered a place to play, as in trying on hats!  Neither of us tried on the "undergarment" seen in the foreground pic of Nannie in the pink hat!  (I don't think it would've fit.  )

* * * * * * * * * *
On Sunday, we four decided a visit to Lake Martin (near Lafayette) with it's rookery and "wildlife" would be fun. We packed sandwiches to eat when we got there.  It was no short distance, but we enjoyed ourselves.  The rookery wasn't the same as we remembered it from 2001 - nothing ever is - but it was still early in the year and more birds will come.  We did see nesting egrets and a handful of cormorants, but nothing close enough to really see, and plenty of Myrtle Warblers (Yellow-rumped Warblers) and Cardinals (Redbirds) were around.  However, Sunday was very warm and humid, with occasional cloud cover, so alligators, sneaky snakes and turtles (tergels) were very much in evidence.

And sweet Violets were a-bloom wherever solid ground could be found.

Spanish-moss-draped Cypress trees on a silvery-looking Lake Martin.

Red-eared sliders basking in the sun... bumps on a log. 

I didn't bring my "serpent" reference books, so I'm not sure about these snakes' identity.  I think the one on the right is a garter snake and the sneaky snake next to (not under) Jimmy's foot is a black racer.  Thing didn't move, but we knew it was alive, 'cause it stuck out it's tongue!  Didn't like the looks of the slate-gray critter on the left.  Didn't get close to it, either!

Beautiful Cypress Swamp...

... with lots of Cypress knees.

"Gee," I'm saying, "look at the size of that alligator down in the weeds!"  None of us measured it, obviously, but it was a big dude, 9 or 10 feet - wow!

And this one soaking in the green junk.

Part of the rookery, with snowy and cattle egrets in the trees.

 Little Blue Heron looking for a quick meal.

Kayakers picked a good day (tho clouds were moving in) to paddle on the lake.

We had a great time, always do.  My sister and I are two peas in a pod, and we're always glad to see each other. The four of us sat in the living room on Sunday evening, dining on delicious crawfish pie Nannie made, critiquing Academy Award dress, and picking "winners." Don't know that we did so good in that department.  No matter. We surely enjoyed our family time... till we meet again....

Thunderstorms and rain are predicted overnight, with colder temps forecast for Monday.  We'll pull out of Louisiana in the morning and head into Texas -- long-haul Texas.  The plan is to spend Monday night in Winnie, Texas, and visit Judy at Anahuac NWR.  So Be It and The End.


  1. I miss you! Make a u-turn and come on back!

  2. Yep, after looking at your pictures, I believe I've been to Lake Martin a couple of times. I do love the cypress trees.

  3. Snakes ... shudder.


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