Yes, we kept on going... (March 14th, 2014)

... till we reached our Nevada City CA home.  Like the Energizer bunny, we didn't stop till our long-life batteries wound down, which happened late Friday afternoon, March 14th when we pulled into our driveway. We needed to be home by mid-March and so we did.  We loved seeing our families scattered in the Southeast (missing one, so sad), but this trip was too short for the distance we traveled.  How about a recap?

Tergel covered 6,295 miles in a bit less than six weeks!  She used 780 gallons (averaging 8.2 mpg), and this year gas costs were much less than years past, thanks to lower prices.  That's a lot of miles!

 Leaving Big Bend.  Lovely Big Bend Bluebonnets line the roadside.

Lunch stop.  Tergel (with Smartie, of course) heading for I-10 and the way out of Texas. 

 Fighting a stiff, unkind headwind nearly all the way.

Windblown West Texas iconic symbol.

 We drove north on Hwy 95 in western Nevada all the way to I-80 (we drove straight thru NM and AZ).  Smooth road.  Vistas such as this one above greeted us.

As well as this ...! 

 Wild donkeys roam Nevada's high country.

Gotta love a friendly hotel that has room options... 

Hawthorne, NV, Army (Ammunitions) Depot, which claims to be the World's Largest Depot.  One small photo of 226 sq miles of ammunition storage.

Didn't see any.  Didn't want to. 

 Our last stop before home was an RV park in Weed Heights, NV, site of a former Anaconda Copper Mine.  Jimmy thought the camp book said "super" place, but it really said, "superfund" place!  Well, I'm kidding, but I was scared to drink the water!

The 880 ft deep pit, filled with 450 ft of (contaminated?) water. 

The RV park hadn't officially opened (not till April 1st), but there were four FHU sites available for folks like us that stumble in.  Nice and quiet except for the quail.  

Here's a welcome sight - the Sierra Nevada mtns off I-80.  We were disappointed that we didn't see more snow, but seeing the range was heavenly.

Welcome home!


  1. Happy you made it over here and stopped with us twice - and happy you are finally home and off the road once again! LOVE you!

  2. Welcome home ... you sure did cover a lot of ground in a relatively short time ... but you do what you have to do to visit with family.

  3. Ha, ha - pretty nice when the only noise you can complain about is that made by QUAIL!

    You guys are superdrivers. Long haul from Big Bend to Nevada City. Too bad about the lack of snow, isn't it? We're sure having some lovely weather. My young front yard plants are recovering well from the deep freeze we had in early winter - my little azalea is just about to burst into bloom. Only lost one of the plants, not bad.

  4. You paved the road for us, we plan to travel north via 95 as well, although hopefully we can continue north on 395 so won't be coming over the mountain this time to visit. dang. I guess it depends on the weather and the date. Our date is April 1 to be landed in Rocky Point. By the way, Nicki, I looked at going back to regular comments and discovered that I would lose everything that has been commented on since I switched. Sigh. still thinking about it, but ....that is both a good and back thing. Would hate to lose all those recent page long comments made on my "T" post. LOL


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