The Mighty Task is Done! Wednesday afternoon, 4/23/14

Here's another one of those bucket list things.  If I had a bucket list, which I don't and neither does Jimmy, crossing the 1.5 mile Golden Gate Bridge on foot or bicycle, would be right up there.  Never thought we'd actually do it, either.  Wrong!  We walked to the South Tower (larger tower in photo below).  We didn't go all the way to other other side for two reasons:  One was we only had a half bottle of water between us, but the main reason is we wanted to visit the Disney Family Museum this afternoon, and we were running out of time (again!)  We live close enough. We'll be back!

Spectacular location, graceful lines, emblematic color = one famous bridge!

 Aw, lovers below the bridge!  Sweet!

The bridge is way up there!  Fort Point is practically underneath the bridge.  We spent considerable time milling around here.  The fort was built between 1953 and 1861.  Now a National Historic Site, it houses a museum (which wasn't open today).

 Yes, we were surprised to see waves like this, and surfers riding the waves!

 Durn critters are everywhere....

It's easy to see why the Golden Gate Bridge is possibly the most beautiful, and certainly the most photographed bridge in the world.  Construction began on Jan 5, 1933 and it opened on Mary 27, 1937.  Until 1964, the Golden Gate was the longest suspension bridge main span in the world, at 4,200 ft.

 Yup, here we are, on our way to the South Tower.  BTW, those towers reach 500 ft above the road.

Looking up:  South Tower from the walkway, with Art Deco details.

No hats up here!  Very windy.  Crowded, too, with walkers, joggers, and bicyclists.  We've decided walking across would be more fun than riding across (unless we rode really early before hoards of tourists got up).  We started walking today from the dinky-looking pier in the distance.
  That's San Francisco skyscrapers beyond.

The subject line refers to a poem written by the Chief Engineer, Joseph P. Strauss.

* * * * *

We didn't get to the Disney Family Museum, also on the Presidio grounds, until 3 pm.  It was so interesting and so artfully presented, and brought back so many memories, that we closed it down at 6 pm!
Another superb (and very full) day.

(tickets say 5 pm, but closing today was 6 pm)

* * * * *

 From our room:  A fantastic sunset on our last evening in the city, highlighting the bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts dome.  What a wonderful mini-vacation-anniversary this has been!

* * * * *


  1. I haven't been over that bridge since 1970! It looks about the same. ;)

  2. Laurie11:27 AM

    What a wonderful day! Yes, you make me long to get back down there - so much to do.

  3. What a fantastic view from your room. I had to look up the longest suspension bridges of the world ... no surprise that a Japanese bridge is #1 now.


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