Pinnacles National Park - May 4th-8th - a top pick for us!

Now that we live in Nevada City CA, we're fairly close to this newest of America's 59 national parks, tho we didn't know it existed till we read an article a couple of months ago in Via magazine.  Established in 2013, this park was a "high point" in our camping and hiking experience!  Approx 240 miles from our home, it's an easy drive, and we hope to return for more later in the year.  Park brochures mention that spring and autumn are the best times to see Pinnacles (summer's too hot and winter's too cold!).  The park is famous for its massive black and gold monoliths of andesite and rhyolite, which are popular with rock climbers, and it's a hiker's paradise of quiet trails crossing the scenic Coast Range wilderness.  We had a grand time on our four-day stay. 

Pinnacles:  Over 26,000 acres of fantastic views.

"Howdy, my name is Jack."  He gave me his last name, but I'm not going to repeat it. 

We saw climbers conquering the rocks each day of our visit.  Better them than me.

Altho I like to scramble to the top of a boulder if I can! 

Tergel, Smartie and Jimmy happily parked beneath the huge Valley Oaks.  We had an electric hookup.  Water to fill our fresh water tank was available, as well as a dump site.     

This guy paraded thru our campsite, like he owned the place.  Maybe he did? 

Loved seeing this gorgeous field of California golden poppies.  Right near our site, lucky me!

In the next few days, I'll post more entries of Pinnacles and our hikes, and the things we saw.  We only took a couple of hundred pictures, so it shouldn't be hard to choose...!  



  1. wow, the poppies are really eye-popping.....! (groan)

  2. Love the poppy shot. I like a good rock scramble, but actually climbing ... no thank you.

  3. Those golden poppies are almost as good as gold coins, eh? :)


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