Ready, Set, Go -- company's coming! Mother's Day weekend 2014

Laurie and I both wanted to attend an "Outsmarting the Drought" seminar in Nevada City at 9 am on Saturday, May 10th.  We arranged that she and Odel would drive from their home near Placerville on Friday and spend the night so we could all rise and shine for that early 9 am begin time.  Since Jimmy and I got home from Pinnacles on Thursday and unloaded Tergel, we were ready for company on Friday!  Plus -- O boy -- we four were going to try a new restaurant (for us) for Friday night dinner:  The Old 5-Mile House in Nevada City.  I think everyone was pleased with their dinner selection!  And, we had a great time getting together! 

The seminar was enlightening.  Israeli, Shahar Caspi, knows first hand about gardening in a land of little water.  Since 2012 his job has been raising food year round for his community near Grass Valley, all without tilling and with little to zero added water.  This is the kind of stuff we need to learn in our dry part of the country.  The info he shared with us was invaluable.

Laurie is using rice-straw bales in her gardening (@1700' elevation), while I'm growing in keyhole gardens (@3100' elevation), so we're having a good time comparing what works and what doesn't.  Both of us are using water-saving methods to garden.  She's Farmer Brown and I'm Farmer Jones!  And now we are armed with drought-saving armor!

 This Iris surprise in our front yard was most welcome!

Laurie and Odel on the balcony at Nevada City's 130-year-old National Hotel.  We did a walkabout town after our dinner at the Old 5-Mile House.  Some of you readers will recognize Laurie from her former blogs.

 Bleeding Hearts have popped up all over our yard.  I like!

After Laurie and Odel left on Saturday, the newlyweds, Matt and Jennifer, came for an afternoon visit.  They had a few days off and popped up to NorCal to see their parents.  Matt and Jen brought me a nice Mother's Day plant, much appreciated.  Come dinnertime, Jen's parents - Alice and Tom - drove up from Roseville so the six of us could enjoy an early Mother's Day dinner at Cirino's in Grass Valley.  

The guys:  Matt, Tom, and Jimmy
The gals:  Jen, Alice, and me
at a pleasant window table enjoying our delicious dinner.
What a lovely day!
Tomorrow?  A well-deserved Mother's Day rest!!


  1. Didja take notes on drought-gardening?

    1. "Brain" notes! (also rec'd a detailed article)


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