A visit from Nannie! Thurs, June 5 - Wed June 11, 2014

I haven't been attentive to posting on my blog for a week because I've been busy having fun!  What a good reason, right?  My last post teased with the line about picking up a very special person at Reno's airport, and here she is below:  my younger sister, Nannie!  She flew in from Baton Rouge for the week, much to my delight. Her husband opted to stay home this time; he knew that she and I needed a "sister fix!"

Jimmy and I were camping at Granite Flat on the Truckee River at the time.  We'd driven separately to our campground -- Jimmy in Tergel, me in our Prius, since the distance is only 60 miles from home (90% of it seriously uphill) -- so we hopped in the Prius to fetch her.  We'd already buckled up Tergel for the ride back home to Nevada City, but we wanted to show Nannie where we were camping.  I didn't know I'd be wading in the river!

 Nannie already has her shoes off.  I'm debating about my sandals.

OK, let's wade in that COLD water, thru gormy silt, over painful rocks, and sit on that rock.

 Both of us.  We did it.  Now get out!  (uh, how?)

Ow, ow, ow, hurtful rocks!  The nutty things we do! 

Nannie left hot, humid Baton Rouge in the hopes of enjoying some of NorCal's cooler weather.  Alas... not so.  We accused her of bringing the heat with her, as we endured a horrid heat wave the entire week.  In fact, the day after she would leave the weather was forecast to break with a return to normal temps.  She left behind the southeast humidity, but sorry to say she suffered a summer-like broil under an intense northern sun.  All of NorCal did. Unfair, but what can you do?  Because the daily temps were well over 90 and some days we reached 96 and 97, our outdoor activities were curtailed.  Nobody wants to be Out and About then.  

Nannie, Jimmy and I met our friends,Terry and Mary for Nevada City's First Friday Art Walk.  We gathered at Lefty's Grill for dinner first, waiting for an evening cool-down (which didn't materialize) before hitting the shops and art in the streets.  The five of us had a great time!  (@ Jimmy - quit it!)
L-R:  Terry, Mary, me, Jimmy, Nannie

On Saturday, the 7th, we three drove to Grass Valley's farmer's market (early) where we visited with farmer friends, bought fresh veggies and bread, and each ate a freshly-baked treat.  That afternoon, Nannie and I stomped around downtown Grass Valley for a bit, but didn't last too long in the heat, though the heat was a proper excuse to enjoy a small delicious gelato from Lazy Dog's (as if a person needed any excuse).  Come evening, we dragged out the Yahtzee game and stayed up past our usual bedtimes playing one cutthroat game after another (kidding about cutthroat, I think).  When big ol' yawns became frequent, we quit.  I could say that we "let" Jimmy be the big winner... or I could say he skunked us.    

Nevada City on Sunday, the 6th.  Massive cloud build-up over the Sierra mountains.

 Sunday -- If I didn't water nearly every morning, the garden prob would turn into dried stalks.  As you can see, onions have gone to seed -- my sister is holding up an example!  The sugar snap peas are almost too tall to harvest.  Lettuces and Swiss chard do not like the heat.  Just like me!

Sunday morning Nannie and I spent an hour or two browsing at the craft fair.  

This afternoon, Alice and Tom (in-laws) from Roseville are joining us for a cook-out -- whew, hot job cooking on the grill today.  Nevertheless, hummus is made, beans are baking in the crockpot, tater salad is made, and pork tenderloins are marinating.  We are ready!  More on this tomorrow!


  1. That Truckee River ("cool, clear water... water") was quite refreshing - until my feet began to hurt from frostbite....

  2. Sisters' time ... plenty good reason to neglect the blog.

  3. Don't you just love to mess around with your sister??


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