Classic Rollin'... on a Saturday, June 21st

... rollin', rollin', right down Nimrod Street in Nevada City on the longest day of the year -- hello, Summer Solstice! Nevada City's soap box derby is a classic of a different kind, and full of amateurs in some of the strangest contraptions you'd ever want to see rolling down a street.  After visiting the farmer's market, Jimmy and I found a parking space a few streets away (Smartie is so easy to park!) and walked to where the action was!  We met our friends, Fran and Anson, there.  Check out some of these goofy gizmos -- enlarge each one for a bigger view!

The crowd's (and my) favorite:  Mrs. Potato-head!

 Sponsored by the Outside Inn of Nevada City, this entry was also a crowd-pleaser.  Cute!

A pool table rumbling down the street!


The bullet?  Fast! 

Not too creative.  Guy with a Go Pro on his helmet.

Waiting to be towed up the hill to the start line.  This car raced down the hill. 

And this would be the ore car, with its lovely pit crew on the right. 

 Did it spout flames as it roared downhill?  Nope.

A fierce fish being chased by a rogue airplane!  (I like that plane!)
(the entries hooked together by pull ropes are being towed back up the hill [by jeep] for the next heat.) 

I understand there were two categories:  One winner in the fastest group and one winner in creativity.  Some of these things flew down the hill so fast, I couldn't aim ye olde point-n-shoot camera fast enough.  For a hot, sunny day, the Derby enjoyed a good turnout -- lots of families were out enjoying this long summer day.  

The Derby is all about FUN, but it also raises money to fund adjacent Pioneer Park improvements.  I didn't take a picture of the fantastic swimming pool in this park, but I did stop by to ask about the pool water temperature today:  81°.  Believe one of these days soon I'll be suiting up!  Pioneer Park is also where the free band concerts take place; tomorrow evening will be the first one this year.  We'll miss it, darn it, as we can't be in two places at once and we're going to the Nevada Theater to watch, "Fed Up," a movie "the food industry doesn't want you to see."  Hoy!  That should be something.  Wonder if they'll serve brownies and/or popcorn?


  1. Reminds me of the bath tub races we used to have in New York. Mrs. Potato Head is my favorite too.

  2. Wow, you got to see some amazing things! What fun!

  3. What fun. I like the outhouse and the ore car.


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