Road Trip!! Truckee River June 1st - June 5th

Late Spring in the mountains, what could be better?  Two weeks ago, we made our reservation for Granite Flat Campground (no hookups) along the Truckee River.  Located in the Sierra Nevada Mtns near Lake Tahoe, our elevation is a bit over 6,000 ft.  We arrived on a warm (77 degrees) Sunday afternoon with our bikes, but no kayak.  We figured the water temperature (from snow melt) might be a tad chilly, so we'll wait till later in the year to raft the river.  We picked a great site, as you can see below.  The air smells so fresh and feels wonderfully cool, and the water talks to us as it rushes over the river rocks.   

Tergel all set up next to the river (visible to the rear of Tergel).

The days are forecast to be sunny and warm, with cool nights.  It doesn't take long for RV's to cool off when the sun goes down and outside temperatures dip.  Daily mountain high and low spans can be dramatic, too. Sometime in the middle of that first night, Jimmy turned on the catalytic propane heater to keep us toasty inside.  Good thing:  When we got up Monday morning, our low temp was 34 degrees - 43 degrees difference between high and low!  But, a bright sun rose over the mountain and set the tone for a super great and terrific day.  

We set out on the Truckee River bike trail, happy to be Out and About.

This is the Truckee River.

 And this is the Truckee River.

Clear, turquoise flowing water, surrounded by evergreens and a deep blue sky.

 These two starkly red snow plants along the trail add a touch of color! 

Shallow in many areas, but always moving.

The bike trail follows the river to Lake Tahoe, where the river originates, and where we ate our sandwiches. Lake Tahoe sparkled in the sun, and it was a very nice place to take a break.

Riding back to our start point.

 We rode to the Squaw Valley entrance (where we'd parked our car), but continued our bike ride thru the Olympic Valley to Squaw Valley Village.  The views were so beautiful, combined with a fabulous fragrance like Christmas, all warmed by the sun.  The entire ride was a total delight.  Jimmy is on the trail way up ahead, see him?  At the Village, we hopped off our bikes and treated ourselves to a delicious gelato!

Charlie Chipmunk sez, "Got any granola?"

After riding 18 miles, which flew by in a flash, tho we do NOT ride fast, and stop often to take pictures and generally admire our surroundings, Jimmy put the bikes back on the car and we drove back to our campsite.  Whereupon, to continue this wonderful day, we carried our chairs down to the river's edge.
We listened to the water, relaxed, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.
Life is Good!


  1. I really like that picture with the fence and the mountains in the background.

  2. Say: is there any fishes in the Truckee? is that water cold?

  3. Life is indeed good ... and with gelato as a reward it's easy to forget the miles ridden.


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