Family Time! on the Truckee, Thurs, July 3rd

It's hot in NorCal again.  When the young'uns drive up from Los Angeles to spend the Independence Day holiday with their parents, naturally all our great minds think alike -- rafting the cool Truckee River.  Flowing out of Lake Tahoe, I can tell you the water is COOL.  We made reservations for Thursday, knowing full well the river would be crowded with holiday-goers with the same great thought.  No matter -- the fast-moving water felt wonderfully fresh to be either in or on!  None of us dunked in, but all of us either dangled our feets in or waded up to our waists.  We spent three hours cruisin' down the river on a Thursday afternoon!  

 Let the fun begin!  Tom (L) and Matt (R) in front, Jen behind her dad and I'm behind Matt.  Alice stayed home 'cause she didn't want to spend hours cooking in the sun!  Jimmy was our point man.

A family affair here!  Common Merganser parent ferrying the kids across the river. 

 Minions, big and small, under a bridge, occupying their space by the water.

Jennifer and Matt, Jimmy and me posing waterside on our lunch break. 

Mom & Dad successfully led their four kids thru the multitude of rafts. 

 Me and son, Matt, wading up to our knees.

This Mom and her kids stuck close to the river's edge.  Safer there.

The newlyweds are having a fine time, despite too much sun. 

 Jennifer's dad, Tom, seems to be giving the photographer (not me!) instructions.

Back on the river, Jimmy's steering keeps us safe!

The debate raged:  Go right or go left?  Hah!  Neither one!  We banged smack into the middle stanchion.  Turned us cattywampus in the water, but no harm was done.  We did get hung up on the fair-sized boulder (where Jimmy's paddle points).  Matt had to get out and push us off.  I took this picture after the fact.  Kinda exciting!

Shallow ... sometimes placid, with just enough YEE-HAW! white-water, but always moving.
We had a grand time rafting the Truckee River.

Hmmm, the next morning outside our backyard fence (thank goodness), we spied this Mom and her kid. Aww, how cute, right?  Then I looked out the front door and saw they'd devoured my front yard petunias AGAIN
War is declared.  I bought Deer B Gone spray for my flowers.
I will WIN!.

 Tomorrow -- a July 4th backyard family cookout in Roseville.  O boy!


  1. I use Liquid Fence, Nicki. If your deer b gone doesn't work, try liquid fence. The herds of deer here go all around my place now. They eat the neighbors stuff but not mine. At 100 bucks a gallon. And three gallons per season it is worth every penny. Looks like a seriously cool ride on that lovely river.

    1. The store where I bought the Deer B Gone didn't carry Liquid Fence, so we shall see if this other stuff works. Nothing left to eat right now anyway! to be continued, huh? Yes, the river ride was great.

  2. We have families just like your mama and baby in our park right now. I've been liberal in my applications of anti-deer spray. Rumors that a mountain lion has been spotted in the park might be true, as a fawn's head was found on the walking trail a few days ago! Nature seems mighty cruel sometimes. Both of our (indoor) cats have been spooked recently, Milo to the point that he hid under the bed for half a day, then slunk around until dark... I suspect he smelled or saw the big cat from the cat room (screened), as we border a well used deer trail. I hope this makes you feel better about your flowers... but maybe you wish the lion would head up your way?

    Your Truckee river trip looked fantastic! I was hiking that day, and noticed a significantly higher number of people in the mountains pre-July 4th!

    1. Holy Moly, Laurie! I'll pass on having a lion in the vicinity. Having bear alerts on a regular basis is enough. But, thanx, I do feel so much better about my flowers! :-)


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