Happy - BOOM! POW! - Fourth of July - SIS BOOM BAH!!

We met up in Roseville, CA, about an hour's drive south of us, for a family cookout -- two sets of parents (me & Jimmy and Alice & Tom) and the newlyweds.  Chef Matt was at the helm... and we ate well, I can guarantee! Cheeseburgers and corn-on-the-cob and fresh veggies on the grill, tater salad, macaroni salad and appetizers and fruit salad for dessert.  I'm probably forgetting something, but you get the general idea. We ate pretty much all afternoon!

 Peppered bacon on the grill first.

 Sweet and tasty watermelon.

Beautiful Jennifer with Sophie on her lap.  Sophie was like a land shark around the grill.  Hope springs eternal, they say, and she hoped some tidbit would fall off into her mouth!

 Veggies cooked, next comes corn-on-the-cob and burgers.

And a special portobello mushroom burger for me (thanx, Matt)!  My first 'shroom burger and it was delish.

After dinner, it seemed like half the residents on their street turned out to blow off fireworks, including us. Or as we like to say, to burn up money!  Tom and Matt each bought a package (a box?) of various fireworks with entertaining names, like Flowering Poppy, Green Lantern, etc.  And sparklers, and Piccolo Pete's, with the screaming noise that made my head spin.  Been years since I've sat in front of my (or someone else's) house and watched colorful pyrotechnics like this.  It was a good time for all.  Boom!  Pow!  Sis Boom Bah!

At dusk, we could wait no longer.  Nor could anyone else on the street.  Let the revelry begin!

We had choices on what/where we watched:  Ours or theirs!

Many back 'n forth trips to set up the next display and light fuses.

We alternated, but the dogs were happier watching the fireworks than stuck in the house.
Jimmy holds Maggie, I'm holding Sophie, and Tom has his dog, Charley, on his lap.

We didn't get home till almost Midnight, which is late for us.  Lots of other stragglers on the road, as well, till the traffic petered out near Grass Valley.  Lucky us, we saw no deer on our way home.  It was quiet up here in the foothills and didn't smell smokey, either, tho Nevada County had a fireworks spectacular at the fairgrounds.  I bet every city in this country will have a slight sulphur odor tomorrow!  But we enjoyed our day and our evening. Special occasions like this are better served up with family....


  1. What a good time! Memories being made......

  2. One great thing about cement and grass and suburbs. You can set off lots of fireworks without worrying about burning the forest down! Looks like so much fun. I do remember days like that in the driveway in front of various houses where I have lived. I guess I am not the only one that likes that fireworks sulphur smell. sulfur. who knows. spellcheck likes f. I like ph but succumbed to f on my own blog. I was happy to see you smell sulphur! :)

    1. It was fun! We wouldn't have dared do this here in the foothills, as dry as it is, but grass and cement in the 'burbs worked just fine! Like I said, many years evaporated while I sat in the front yard and watched, or "wrote my name" with a sparkler!


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