Three days after the Fourth of July 2014

My computer has been "acting up," so I spent most of today "backing up" the entire shebang to "My Book," an external hard drive... just in case this thing dies.  I'm using an old HP, but I don't remember exactly when I bought it, so I'm not sure how old.  No date is on the back, either.  I have a lot of stuff, files and folders, that I wouldn't want to lose, so it pays to be safe, right?  I semi-regularly copy pictures to The Book, but now I'm really up-to-date.  I'm sure there's paperwork on this HP somewhere, but I'm not inclined to look for it.  Jimmy has suggested that I get a new computer, preferably an Apple, but I am so used to using Windows 7 that I hate the thought of CHANGE... and a vast new learning curve.  Ergo, I'll continue using my HP till cows walk thru my living room or my machine dies, whichever comes first.  Wish me luck.

Today was laundry day, and I'm all caught up -- since I was keeping watch over the back-up progress here in the den, I figured I may as well multi-task.  And while I was at it, my son and his bride brought us a  large framed photograph of their wedding and I needed to find a home for it.  All our walls are full!  That began a messy reorganization of the den bookshelves.  And then I saw the basket stuffed to overflowing with our travel info and decided to cull any duplicates and pitch out things no longer relevant or out-of-date.  Which led me to still another basket under the sofa table in the living room, and etc etc etc.  Ho-hum!  The den has been been reorganized, laundry finished and put away, and the bookshelves look marvelous, with the framed photograph proudly displayed!  And the dang computer is solidly backed up.  The End!

Sunday was hot in NorCal.  Plain old hot.  Jimmy and I drove to The Galleria in Roseville, not necessarily to shop, but to walk around in air-conditioned splendor!  We snagged a spot for the Prius in the parking garage, which was great, because the temperature in Roseville was 104°.  That's hot in any language!  Inside was delightfully cool. We were drinking coffee in Barnes and Noble, when the young'uns called, saying let's meet at Zocalo in the Fountains at Roseville for dinner.  O boy!  And here we are below.

 Matt, Jen, Tom, Alice, me and Jimmy at a giant table "for six."

 The food was very good, and then everyone agreed that cleansing our palates with gelato should follow!
By this time, at dusk, sitting outside felt very comfortable. 

Mom and Matt enjoying our evening at the Fountains.

Tomorrow the kids will be returning to SoCal and going back to work.  (Glad I'm retired !)  This evening was a lovely way to end their visit.  Till the next time!  Now Jimmy and I can begin planning RV trips, like the upcoming weekend in Truckee.  Tergel is rarin' to go.  So are we!

Really The End now


  1. 104* is too hot for me!

  2. Too hot for me, for sure! Say: that's a mighty cute red dress... :) LOVE seeing all 6 of ya together!


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