A fun day in the Yard - Saturday, 8/2/14

There's something about trains that speaks to me and Jimmy.  Is it just another means of travel that makes us smile, or perhaps it's a throwback to a different time and a more elegant mode of traveling that grabs our attention?  Whatever the reason, we will seek out train rides as we wander Out and About.  On our last full day camped at Lake Davis (Saturday), we visited the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in the small town of Portola CA. Big, friendly museum for a small town.  And for four bucks each, we could even ride a train around the rail yard loop.  That would be complete with bells and whistles .

 We climbed aboard so many different locomotives and rail cars.  My Jimmy makes a handsome engineer in this big hog-leg engine! 

 We could really see ourselves sitting down for a fine meal in the California Zephyr dining car!  One of these days, we're a-gonna hop on a Zephyr and take off!

 I still think it's a shame the rail industry got rid of cabooses....

And here we go on our short trip around the rail yard.  All aboarrrd...!

* * * * *
After an excellent lunch at Sharon's Cafe, we drove back to our Grizzly campsite.  But first, on the way I spotted an untraveled road and turned on it.  And, by gum, we stumbled up on another museum!  I'd read about James Beckwourth in a brochure a few hours before and sure was surprised to discover ourselves at the doorstep to his cabin! 

A lovely older lady docent was waiting for us and related in detail the history of Mr. Beckwourth and his life as an early mountain man, fur trader and explorer  One fact missing from the plaque is his living with the Crow Nation for several years and becoming a War Chief.  The cabin itself is original and was so well made that it withstood a short-distance move without mishap.  What a fun day for me and Jimmy!

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  1. I traveled many a night-train when I was going to university and wanted to go home ... it wasn't the most efficient means of travel; but it was fun anyway.


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