Cruising down the Coast. August 10-11-12

We really enjoyed our stay in Humboldt Redwoods State Pk, both with and w/o hookups.  An added bonus was that we found a patch of ripe blackberries on our first day camping at Myers Flat and picked enough for yummy desserts two nites in a row (it helps to have Redi-whip on hand)!

So where to next?  Moving further north and inland was out of the question since wildfires and smoke would make camping a nightmare.  Looking at a camp book and the map, we knew various campgrounds could be found on the coast south of the redwoods.  The first one we came to was MacKerricher State Pk on Hwy 1, a bit north of Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast.  The sign at the entrance said:  Campground Full.  Because we didn't have a long way to travel this day, it was only Noon/ish, so I said, "let's pull in anyway... those signs don't always mean FULL UP full."  The long and short of it is we snagged probably the best site in the entire 140-space park for one nite, and one more nite, and still one more nite!  Site 123, large, private, and up on a bluff with a view of the ocean and an easy trail down to it.  Pays to double check!

Driving Hwy 1 on the California coast is always - uh - well, not fun, exactly, maybe challenging would be the right word... especially in a motor home pulling a toad.

No part of Hwy 1 is straight or flat!

Lone kayak in the water off the shore.

We'll gravitate to the water's edge ASAP!

 MacKerricher St Park has beaches, dunes, tide pools, and rocks to navigate and explore.

And monster logs that find their way ashore during storms.  Yeehaw!

 Caves and hidey holes...

... and maybe pirate bones and buried treasure?

 Young men hoping to pull in a keeper.

I could hear the cheer from where I was standing (this is zoomed in), so the fish must have been a good one!

Summers on the Pacific Coast often involve low clouds/fog/mist, and a sun that maybe peeks out for an hour or two in late afternoons.  We enjoyed a sunny afternoon on Sunday, our first day here.  But as soon as dinner was finished, the low clouds drifted in, so we knew there'd be no viewing of the Big Fat Moon that evening.  We didn't need A/C or heat while we camped here, which was nice.  The weather is pretty constant, neither too hot nor too cold. Damp, yes.  Nor were we able to catch any of the 2014 Perseid meteor shower, but that's okay. Ya just can't do it all.  Oh, and there's a nice bike path on an old haul road for tomorrow!  Yay!


  1. love that Pacific coast!

  2. Bring a fishing pole next time, and someone will take a pic of you yelling "I got one!" Looks like a neat place.


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