Eh, what's up, Dock? Sunday-Tuesday, August 3-5

Jimmy and I had a tentative route picked out for this little trip.  First was Lake Davis, and our next stop would be Eagle Lake, east of Lassen Volcanic Nat'l Park, and approx 100 miles north of Lake Davis.  An easy, short drive... and another place we'd never visited before.  We thought we could drop our kayak in the water here and enjoy another paddle.  After setting up camp in Merrill C/G and eyeing the size of California's second largest natural lake (elevation 5100 ft), we changed our minds -- too big for us.  We did get a lake-view site with water and power (for $20/nite), always a nice change from days of dry camping.  The C/G even had wifi (at the camp host site)!

Forest fires are everywhere in Northern California right now (and further north), and we weren't sure if we'd be able to camp at our next destination:  Medicine Lake near the Oregon border.  Fact is, we were smacked in the nose Monday morning at Eagle Lake by an acrid smokey smell from fires near Lassen.  We hopped on our bikes that morning to ride the 6-mile lakeside trail, but that was it.  Later, we spoke to the US Forest Service fire guys (and Cal-Fire) and the consensus of opinion is that we'd be smoked out up in Medicine Lake.  Now what?

 This is NOT our campsite!  We found this ol' cabin in the woods while riding our bikes.

 Western Grebes.  We were lucky enough to see lots o' Grebes performing their courtship rituals -- rhythmically bobbing their heads and skimming the water surface.  They chirrup like squeaky frogs!
They were graceful and fun to watch.

Sad to say, this is the "high water" Eagle Lake boat launch, with bone dry boat slips lined up below.  

Another view of the launch, tho the boat slips are hidden in the weeds.  The sign (at right) is redundant.

This is the "new boat launch" to accommodate boats in these low water conditions.

White-headed woodpecker we spotted on our bike ride.

We altered our plan, something we can't remember having to do (because of circumstances beyond our control) since we've been traveling.  Rather than drive north into the fires and smoke, Tuesday morning we decided to drive west to the coast.  Another time we'll visit -- and hopefully dunk our kayak -- in the waters of Medicine Lake.  Whereabouts on the coast?  Straight across Hwy 36 (kinda, sorta and on a twisty, turny road, for sure) to Humboldt Redwoods State Park.  If we ever again see a sign saying "Not advised for RV's," I guess we'll heed it... maybe...oh, the hell with it, let's do it.

And, unbelievably, rain was falling when we were breaking camp and light rain fell on us all the way to Red Bluff. Into each life, a little rain must fall... if you're lucky!


  1. I'd sure like to see one of those woodpeckers some day.

  2. So sad about drought ... and the fires ... Mother Nature is not being kind to California.

  3. Love your pictures, sister!


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