Ferndale, CA and the Lost Coast Scenic Drive -- Sat, 8/9

We've passed it by in the past, so this year we made a point of visiting Ferndale, a small town just south of Eureka, CA.  It's known as the Victorian Village and for good reason:  this bucolic farming town has barely changed for 150 years.  We picked a chilly gray day to stroll down Main Street and several side streets to view beautifully preserved homes and shops.  We elected to stay away from the Gothic Ferndale Cemetery (crypts marching up hills) and concentrate on the living!  The town was full of colorful flowers, sparkling windows, and interesting designs.  A sampling:

This kitty ambled at a snail's pace across "busy" Main Street, disregarding heavy traffic (the red car and us in Smartie).  Nine lives, doncha know!  The Victorian Inn is the blue and white bldg on the left.  Built of Humboldt County local redwoods in 1890, it characterizes the small town Victorian atmosphere.  We asked a local lady for a lunch recommendation and were directed to Curley's Full Circle Restaurant.  She did us a favor -- the food and ambiance were terrific.

After strolling and lunching, we hopped back in Smartie to ride the Lost Coast Scenic Drive.  The brochure said to allow 3-4 hours "for this adventure," and we'd end up back in Humboldt Redwoods St Park where we were camped.  For us it was a 100-mile (+/-) loop.  Wild and scenic... up, down, twist around, down to the ocean and back up into the hills again.  It really was spectacular, and it was fun, but we were exhausted by the time we returned to camp!

The lighthouse itself has disappeared.

 Smartie fits nicely on this one-lane bridge.

 Always reassuring.  You never know ....

Next up?  Coasting down the coast!

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  1. Great shots of the windows! Thanks!


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